[AAR] Shortbow Bombers - FC what's a Cloak?

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[AAR] Shortbow Bombers - FC what's a Cloak?

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Roam members (19)
Alastair Thomas - Hound
Cryptic Sharvas - Manticore
DontFear DaReefer - Purifier
Elan Vital - Manticore
Flax Harakeke - Manticore
Franch Frye - Manticore
Iis Foolio - Hound
Jak Rackham - Manticore
Justare Donier - Manticore
Koryx - Manticore
Near22 - Manticore
NeedsNames - Nemesis
Ricky Trodel - Manticore
Thayne Senema Cos
Tomlin - Manticore
Ying Ti Charen-Teng - Hound
Zolpidemz - Manticore
Kills and Losses

(02:27:50) Ichoriya, Kaunokka
Manticore -45.6m
Capsule -0.01m
Sabre +78.6m
Manticore -45.57m
Nemesis -36.71m
Manticore -39.05m
Manticore -45.83m
Purifier -35.35m
Hecate +74.63m
Manticore -45.45m
Hecate +87.01m
Manticore -28.39m
Manticore -52.78m
Hecate +85.34m
Manticore -35.52m
Hecate +90.91m

ISK Destroyed: 416,485,053.93
ISK Lost: 410,237,024.28
ISK Delta: 6,248,029.65
Efficiency: 50.378%

Overall evaluation
  • Bringing Alts
  • Cloaking speed
  • Lack of Scrams
  • Comms Discipline
  • Fleet Ads
Today and for the previous past few fleets I have tried to keep the fleet simple and fun. This has greatly reduced my fun in game as we were very sloppy with what we have to do. Further fleets will improve. Here's what I'm going to do include in my rules to join: (this is not calling anyone in particular out, this applies to all fleet members, including myself)

1. one character only signed into the game. I need your attention in stealth bombers and other characters, whether in fleet or not, are a distraction. I give my fully attention to the fleet, and do not have others signed in. PLease provide Cryptic with the same.
2. newbro speech: I will provide this in how it relates to the doctrine, however I have decided to stop covering the basics, my fleets are ranked at the Self-Sufficient / Self-Preservation level and those rankings can be found here: https://forum.eveuniversity.org/viewtop ... 6&t=118260 If you fleet this is not the right fleet level for you then please enjoy the vast array of other content this game has to offer.
3. please allow Cryptic to finish the fleet his way and leave comms. Standard end of fleet maintenance must be done, including asking if there were questions about fights, and ensure everyone travels safely home. Interruptions to this process will result in a warning the first time and a removal from future fleets a second time.
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