[AAR] Friday Night Fights with Tono

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[AAR] Friday Night Fights with Tono

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Roam members (12):

Tono DuVallete
Tamara Van Deijk
Friday Night Fights with Tono had a low turn-out this evening with two others coming along for the play. Working with our current team, we decided to shfit from Nano to longbow stealth bombers with a scout/tackle. We wanted to look for a fight and our one player found it.

We yeeted into Pochven with our small compliment and conducted basic fleet maneuvers, traveling gate-to-gate and scouting out locations where we thought we could come upon lone miners or the negligent freighter.

Tamara got the one fight we wanted on Friday in the form of a Deimos bubble camp. An Enyo dueled with her and she went down swinging in the Amarr Navy Slicer.

From there we made the decision to scatter between myself and the other bomber and we safely filamented back into empire space without further incident.

We managed to traverse 70% of the Pochven Triangle in search for the fight that we found. Our teeny fleet maneuvered without any issue and communications were understood clearly on where we had to go.

Kills and Losses


ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 19.89mil
ISK Delta: Infinity.
Efficiency: 0%
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