[AAR] Minmatar FW Fleet - GCD Trasher @18:15 16 May

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Moritz Gaterau
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[AAR] Minmatar FW Fleet - GCD Trasher @18:15 16 May

Post by Moritz Gaterau »

Roam members (11)
Arban Staz - Fl33t member
Calus Valmont - Fl33t member
Fingers Valente - Fl33t member
Mel'chet Carter
Moritz Gaterau
Pavel Hlawatsch
Saani Otoe - Fl33t member
Shaemus O'Conor
Tamara Van Deijk
This AAR took wayyyyy longer then I wanted, but RL is keeping me busy, but here we finally go. Because of the long time gone since the fleet, the roam report tool didn't catch the fleet kills and losses, because of that I had to do make those manually. On the 16 May, 5 brave Unistas would venture out with me, to tip our toe in the Amarr/Minmatar Warzone. We were accompanied by 4 Fl33t Member (a Minmil FW Allinace). I contacted Saani Otoe and Calus Valmont, who are both ex-Unistas, to fly with us, and it happens they brought some friends with them. So overall we had 10 pilot for this fleet. Shaemus O'Conor was 2IC and Saani Otoe was our scout for the roam. After a smooth form up, our first desto was Ezzara.

Kills and Losses

Arriving in Ezzara our Scout reported a Trasher Fleet Issue, I think(?) I ordered our scout to engage the Trasher Fleet Issue, but our scout was shot down, before we could engage the target. (https://zkillboard.com/kill/108980133/) - 8,973,581.15 ISK

If I remember correctly we then tried plexing in Ezzara, having experienced FW pilots with us to explain these mechanics was really helpful there.
After we captured two plexes to get some practical experience with plexing, our scout reported a Vexor Navy Issue in another plex. Again, our scout got shot down before the fleet was able to engage the target. https://zkillboard.com/kill/108980726/ - 9,136,601.15 ISK

We then ventured out. I don't remember exactly our route, but we basically went hunting for targets in an Amarr Systems, "sadly" we mainly encountered other Minmil pilots or the target's fled from us. In Kourmonen our scout lost a ship, but I don't remember anything about this loss https://zkillboard.com/kill/108981536/ - 9,136,146.15 ISK

We then went back to Auga, the Minmil Staging System, and took a short break. Calus Valmont then relayed intel, that a new battlefield had spawned in Kurniainen (?). I hoped to catch some targets there, so we set our destination and engaged warp. While going from system, we encountered the Enemy! We found a legion on the ingate in Saidusairos. I order it primary. It cloaked, but I told everyone to stay aligned, so we can decloak it. It did indeed decloak, but was able to warp off. I saw it warping to a customs office near a planet. I issued a fleet warp at 0 to the custom office and ordered our scout to warp at 100 km. The legion was at 0 at the Customs Office. We were able to tackle it and then kill it quickly. It even dropped above 100 mil isk loot. GJ everyone! https://zkillboard.com/kill/108982414/+ 527,978,049.13 ISK

While we were scooping up the loot, someone was getting shot by an Omen Navy Issue. I don't remember who, I only remember we had an Omen navy Issue sitting at jump gate with a weapons timer :D I warped the fleet we took it down. GJ again everyone! https://zkillboard.com/kill/108982483/ + 85,760,240.77 ISK

We then docked up at a station to secure the loot and went back to the staging system, to fold the fleet there. Some of Fl33t members left us while being docked up in the station. On our way back to Siseide, we found an enemy Loki on a gate. I made the accident to warp the whole fleet. The Right call would have been to either crash the gate or engage the Loki. Because of that, FC lost his ships. https://zkillboard.com/kill/108982969/- 12,274,182.58 ISK

This was also the last encounter for this fleet, we arrived in Siseide again, and I folded the fleet.

ISK Destroyed: 613.738.289,9
ISK Lost: 39.520.511,03
ISK Delta: 574.217.778,87
Efficiency: I hate math, so now clue.

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    • Legion was a nice catch, it was good to pay attention to its warp out point.
    • Learned a lot in terms of FW mechanics (plexing, Frontline-systems etc.)
    • Besides some minor mistakes, this was all in all fun.
    (Negative stuff)
    • The loss to the Loki were definitely avoidable.
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Shaemus O'Conor
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Re: [AAR] Minmatar FW Fleet - GCD Trasher @18:15 16 May

Post by Shaemus O'Conor »

That was indeed a fun fleet!

Thanks for taking us out for what was for some of us our first foray into Faction Warfare. Having the guys from Fl33t with us and them explaining some of the finer points of how to handle FW stuff was certainly great and illuminating. Also you did well at explaining some of the FW mechanics along the way as well, like why only have a certain number of people in one plex and spread the other people to other plexes etc.

Personally once you lost your ship at the end I should have kept control of the fleet and gotten it docked up at Siseide myself, at that point we were only travelling anyways and not looking for fights any more. There was no real reason to burden you with warping us around in your pod at that point. But it's been so long since I FCed anything, even if it was just a travel fleet, that's a skill that I need to get comfortable with again at some point.

Anyway, looking forward to fly with you on your next FW roam , the Thrasher is waiting. 8)
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