[AAR] Outback bandits Part 1

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Ranolord Fidare
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[AAR] Outback bandits Part 1

Post by Ranolord Fidare »

We went out, intending to do a gatecamp but ending up doing a catalyst roam

Roam members (6)
Admiral Jensen - Cormorant, Catalyst
Harlad Olgidar - Cormorant, Catalyst
Ranolord Fidare - Gnosis, Catalyst
Ying Ti Charen-Teng Brutix
iProphet2k Punisher, Catalyst
We went into Ostingele with a Gnosis, Brutix, punisher and 2 cormorants, intending to camp the stacmon gate and kill anyone who went through. However, after an hour, we failed to catch anyone and so changed to Glass cannon destroyers

We then decided to go from OST to Tama through lowsec, and then move around the FW systems there, grabbing kills where we could

This immediately paid out, as we caught a venture in Agoze on the OST gate (zkill pending)

After that, we continued on our way and managed to catch a cormorant, which was unfortunately our last kill of the night

(10:24:27) Oinasiken
Cormorant +9.98m

ISK Destroyed: 9,979,204.72
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 9,979,204.72
Efficiency: 100%

Notes: Gate guns can be very dangerous, after killing the venture I had 81% hull
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Re: [AAR] Outback bandits Part 1

Post by iProphet2k »

Apologies for having to leave the fleet in the last bit. However, it was great to hangout with a fleet and get some experience in gate camping.
I like your confidence Ranolord - keep it up!
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Admiral Jensen
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Re: [AAR] Outback bandits Part 1

Post by Admiral Jensen »

Had a bunch of fun cruising with everyone, hope to catch you all again sometime.
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