[AAR] Kitchen Sink, November 23

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[AAR] Kitchen Sink, November 23

Post by Clarityz »

Roam members (9)
Clarityz - Osprey Navy Issue
Gideon Mastracci jr - Eris
Hjor Fidard - Rupture
Jayne Lowe - Caracal
Morra Deovindice - Hyena
Nessie Black - Scythe
Olly Wakwako - Thorax
Shukken Tekitsu - Malediction
levela - Caracal, Omen
Formed-up a cool looking fleet from Jita and headed to Thera.

Kills and Losses

First hole, and Exequror landed on the hole, and we aggressed it on both sides and blew it up.

(20:08:46) RNF-YH
Exequror +26.85m
Capsule +0.01m

On a different hole, we were playing games with a cloaky Sabre that we had bubbled on both sides, and eventually some of their friends arrived to fight.

They weren't very organized, warping in one by one, and the fleet did a great job destroying primaries.
Our Hyena eventually got blown up after being primaried for a while, right as we cleared their whole fleet. Only the initial Sabre survived.
(20:22:32) XD-TOV
Slasher +11.35m
Hawk +39.32m
Hyena -32.55m
Caracal +38.61m
Hurricane +108.4m
Capsule +0.8m
Capsule +5.88m
Capsule +0.01m

Gideon had a Hyena reship ready!
In Frat space we found some lovely Ishtars, courtesy of Gideon's combat probing (and their lack of awareness)
(21:14:58) G96R-F
Ishtar +150.32m
Capsule +0.01m
Ishtar +150.32m
Capsule +0.01m

One system over scout found another Ishtar and we killed that too.
(21:26:49) C-FP70
Ishtar +200.2m
Capsule +1.78m

Back in Thera: Gideon landed short on a warp to station, and got caught by the usual thera people. Hjor had warped themselves to Gideon, and met the same fate. Gideon reshipped and I had a random Omen laying about that Hjor flew.
(21:40:09) Thera
Eris -159.66m
Rupture -20.89m
Capsule -5.23m
Capsule -0.01m
After a lot of wonkiness due to my inexperience with Thera, I ended up being combat probed down on a safe and a stiletto landed on me. The fleet was on grid but far away, and I told them to scatter, and tried to get myself out.

The stiletto came very close to me to scram me, and I heated all my relevant things as a Nightmare was landing.
I managed to kill the stilletto, but the Nightmare just barely pointed me before my warp. I tried my best to get out, but the heavy neut pressure along with solid damage eventually took me down.

At least I took one down with me!
(21:55:05) Thera
Stiletto +41.33m
Osprey Navy Issue -86.49m

Fortunately, again, I had another Nosprey in Thera.

We EVENTUALLY managed to leave Thera, a problem I've had more than once. We checked on one last hole with 5 people remaining, didn't find a fight, and on the way back to Thera there was a sizeable cruisers fleet with two flycatchers in Thera on our hole.

I decided to fight, seeing as we were planning to finish up anyway, and I thought there was a decent chance to destroy one target and get most of us out. The Nosprey was a bit isolated, so I told the fleet to overheat MWD and burn away, heating damage on the nosprey.

We lost two ships, and the Nosprey caught just enough reps, holding at about 10% shield when my reload came. I called the fleet to scatter.
(22:17:56) Thera
Scythe -31.25m
Omen -26.52m

The survivors took a Thera hole back to Jita.

ISK Destroyed: 775,186,490.93
ISK Lost: 362,617,084.72
ISK Delta: 412,569,406.21
Efficiency: 68.13%

Overall evaluation
  • Got some action!
    Despite my efforts, some pilots refused to blow up
    Managed a whole fleet from Thera without using filaments
    Fumbled around in Thera a bit too much. Need to set up some bookmarks.
Thanks as always for coming. I had a lot of fun on this one despite a third of the fleet consisting of warping in Thera!

Do feel free to comment on your experience of the fleet, or ask questions here.
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