[PvP] Neo-Nano, October 4

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[PvP] Neo-Nano, October 4

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Roam members (13)
Alphabeta Gamau - Thorax
Arps 331 - Osprey Navy Issue
Clarityz - Oracle
Jayne Lowe - Scythe
JohnPlayerNotSpecial - Bellicose
Kaluth Plaude - Hurricane
Kaminari Sei - Keres
Mosq - Hyena
Olly Wakwako - Caracal
Oni-Kahn - Scythe
Ranolord Fidare - Vedmak
Shukken Tekitsu - Malediction
bazingamogus - Crow
Lot of familiar names, we got a great looking fleet together and filamented.

Kills and Losses

A manticore jumped into us and forgot to cloak.

(19:32:02) IR-FDV
Manticore +38.45m

Bazinga found a Stiletto + Nosprey on a gate, and pointed the stiletto. Fleet came in, Nosprey left, and we eventually caught up and let logi kill the stiletto, hoping to give them some time to respond. They never did.

Stiletto was AB fit and hull tanked. Huh.

(19:42:43) A1-AUH
Stiletto +20.7m

We came into a system with some people, but they docked up. We robbed their bank since we had a few minutes timer left. (solo logi robber), and they responded. Just in local chat though, not in space. We took their ISK and filamented again.

We chased a Vedmak for a few jumps, and it ran into an incursion system and came back. The Vedmak never saw our fleet until it came back and jumped into us. It melted very quickly.

(20:37:13) 6-EQYE
Vedmak +249.44m
Capsule +0.01m

Same system, scout found a Machariel on the outgate. Fleet warped, scout pointed it, it agressed back. I told the fleet to burn up, and put damage on the Machariel. Some of us burned out of optimal range before I told the fleet to stay within in, and we lost some valuable damage. A Nestor, Typhoon and Rodiva emerged from the gate, as the Machariel went into low armor. It took a bit of hull chunk but it caught reps and stabilized.

Scout died valiantly holding point, and some people were and exploded. The rest managed to sit at range, and assessing the situation there was unforturtunately nothing more to be done.

Crow -90.6m
Osprey Navy Issue -82.67m
Hurricane -89.07m
Scythe -20.08m
Capsule -0.86m
Capsule -0.77m

So with out tail between our legs we headed to Thera, and extracted safely to high sec.

ISK Destroyed: 308,593,343.02
ISK Lost: 284,059,324.76
ISK Delta: 24,534,018.26
Efficiency: 52.07%

Overall evaluation
  • Killed some stuff
    Fleet moved at great speed, and two scouts allowed us to cover ground fast
    Great debrief when people got safe
    Might have been able to take down the Machariel if we committed to it harder. Hindsight and all that
    Space was very quiet, might have to consider using Thera more over filamenting.
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