[AAR] Magic Merlin Low Sec Roam - 17 Sept 2022

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[AAR] Magic Merlin Low Sec Roam - 17 Sept 2022

Post by Elan Vital »

Magic Merlin Lowsec Roam - 17 Sept 2022

Roam members (19)
Aimbot Exe - Merlin
Alphabeta Gamau - Merlin
Catharina van Hemessen - Merlin
Clarityz - Merlin
Elan Vital - FC - Merlin
GR Codeon - 2IC - Merlin
George Platten - Burst
Gideon Mastracci jr - Merlin
Ivan Zyranau - Merlin
JohnPlayerNotSpecial - Burst
Just Shot - Burst
Kameke Saro-Wiwa - Merlin
Lowe EyeQueue - Merlin
Olly Wakwako - Scout, 3IC - Condor
Oni-Kahn - Merlin
Squirr3l - Burst
Teran Feynoir - Condor
The Noob Guy - Griffin
Thorondor Crissaegrim - Merlin
Kills and Losses

We were on a mission that was undisclosed for opsec reasons. We didn't even know what mission we were on. And on into lowsec we go with nothing but the best intentions of getting into fights and hopefully, by accident, achieving our mission.


Our scout finds a cozy fight for us. A Flycatcher, Retribution, and Harpy in a plex were had at the price of a Condor, a Griffin, two Merlins, and a Burst.

(19:50:33) Vlillirier
Condor -6.14m
Merlin -6.61m
Flycatcher +61.52m
Griffin -8.6m
Merlin -6.61m
Harpy +31.13m
Burst -0.91m
Retribution +52.03m
Capsule -0.01m

A whole lot of regrouping and reshipping takes place. Cut to: We meet up with some friends (Clarityz and Gideon) who join us along the way. Then we take down a Catalyst.

(20:38:01) Old Man Star
Catalyst +9.24m

Clarityz solo'd a Venture. Some Punishers and Jaguars wanted a fight and so we had one. These pilots gave us a very reasonable fight and a great time was had. Fantastic end to the fleet. Mission achieved.

(20:43:48) Old Man Star, Heydieles
Venture +0.36m
Merlin -7.5m
Capsule -7.64m
Burst -6.38m
Capsule -0.01m
Punisher +3.18m
Burst -3.97m
Punisher +9.13m
Inquisitor +3.88m
Merlin -6.6m
Jaguar +37.19m
Burst -5.36m
Inquisitor +6.62m
Punisher +3.18m
Merlin -7.46m
Merlin -3.07m
Merlin -7.47m
Punisher +7.87m
Merlin -5.5m
Merlin -3.02m
Punisher +6.81m
Merlin -6.6m
Punisher +7.73m
Merlin -7.54m
Punisher +7.95m
Merlin -3.04m
Burst -3.55m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 247,822,443.47
ISK Lost: 113,604,695.97
ISK Delta: 134,217,747.5
Efficiency: 68.568%

Overall evaluation
(Positive stuff)
* Great fights were had and hopefully, great fun as well.
* Scouting was well done and provided worthwhile content.
* Logi did a fantastic job. Logi heroes for the win!
* Kudos to our 2IC and 3IC who took over when needed.
* Form-up was a little bumpy, but we still got into space 20 minutes after form-up.
* I feel like I'm finally settling into FC'ing meaning that I am now aware of things that I should have/could have done.
* Typical Uni: I had great support and suggestions from my fleet.
(Negative stuff)
* I still need to be a little more aggressive on taking a fight. The Punisher/Jag fight could have taken place earlier and they wanted a fight. Passing on that fight would have been a mistake and would have denied us the grand crescendo at the end of the fleet.
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Re: [AAR] Magic Merlin Low Sec Roam - 17 Sept 2022

Post by Clarityz »

Don't forget about the Vargur that crashed our party on the last fight!

I didn't catch all of it, but it seemed like a great fleet! People were very excited about it, which is nice to hear.

Good job FC!
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