[AAR] PVP Yeet Fleet

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Yuri Levnik
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[AAR] PVP Yeet Fleet

Post by Yuri Levnik »

So I wanted to try shotgunning with Harpies and Merlins. We undocked with a well-composed small gang of two logi and six DPS and got out into space...

Roam members (7)
Clarityz - Logi
Elan Vital - Logi
Lakidi Laduko
Vulcann Rin
Vybez Kartel
Yuri Levnik - FC
Kills and Losses
Unfortunately, despite covering a lot of space, we were unable to catch *anything* although we did find some Ishtars in space. We yeeted three times, then made our way back through Pochven and wound up in Tama with four of us left. I tried to arrange a fight, and then we got an engagement and almost killed a stabber but ended up losing two boats to a blingy garmur with HG snakes instead.
(01:52:27) Tama
Scalpel -21.94m
Harpy -32.07m

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 54,006,374.43
ISK Delta: -54,006,374.43
Efficiency: 0%

What went well:
  • The comp and the fits were great. Our fast align and warp times allowed us to cover a lot of space
  • Shotgun fleets mean everyone gets to participate in the action
  • We kept together well
What could have gone better:
  • No content in Null! Very frustrating! I think next time I'll do a couple of yeets in null and then head to Pochven to hunt there on purpose and see if there's more content in Pochven
  • Garmurs >_<
Thanks to everyone who came out!

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Re: [AAR] PVP Yeet Fleet

Post by Clarityz »

Despite almost no action I had fun. We made really good speed. Really enjoyed the comp, hope you do it again sometime!
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