[AAR] Budget Nanogang | 2022-07-30

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[AAR] Budget Nanogang | 2022-07-30

Post by Uryence »

Formed up the budget nanogang in a very small version to replace someone else's fleet that had to be cancelled.

Roam members (6)
Ben Lear - Scythe
Clarityz - Osprey Navy Issue
Light Exahlia - Caracal
Uryence - Brutix
Yuri Levnik - Keres
bazingamogus - Malediction
Kills and Losses

We filamented into Feythabolis and spent some time hunting around to no effect. We filamented again into NPC null, and worked our way into Catch. We passed through a Sigma Grindset staging system and they formed a QRF which fought us on a gate.

I should've put the gang through the gate as soon as we had a marauder on scan, and then once through the gate I should've taken us to the ESS or to an out-gate straight away rather than burning us off towards it. My mind was still in the mode for killing tackle while being chased, which would've been appropriate four jumps further on but was the wrong response to the situation here. I also forgot to activate my skirmish burst; the main problem here was my initial tactical decision, but forgetting that also didn't help!

(23:10:28) XD-JW7
Brutix -78.39m
Keres -26.95m
Caracal -51.79m
Capsule -0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 157,136,540.7
ISK Delta: -157,136,540.7
Efficiency: 0%

Overall evaluation

(Positive stuff)

- useful lessons learned: either string the enemy out on the map through several systems or string them out on grid by burning, but don't fall between the two stools!
- also, turn the burst on
- cheap fits limited our losses

(Negative stuff)

- lost half the gang and didn't kill anything
2022 fleet command cumulative delta: 32,250,664,121.40 ISK
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Re: [AAR] Budget Nanogang | 2022-07-30

Post by Clarityz »

Thanks as always for the fleet! I always learn something or get a great discussion about things. Glad to see so many familiar faces consistently showing up! One day someone's going to post a nano AAR that's going to blow people away.
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Re: [AAR] Budget Nanogang | 2022-07-30

Post by Yuri Levnik »

I will admit that I did not do my best piloting on this fleet. I wasn't paying very good attention to opfor positioning and the Vedmak caught up to me and then I got shredded by the Cerb. I probably could have gotten off grid between my damps and how much range I had pulled, but I was still in a "wait for FC's command" mentality as opposed to a more smolgang appropriate "save your own butt if you're going down" approach to flying my fragile Keres. Good notes for next time.

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