[AAR] Yeet Fleet 27 June 2300

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Yuri Levnik
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[AAR] Yeet Fleet 27 June 2300

Post by Yuri Levnik »

I wanted to get out in space after returning from holiday, so I pinged out a fleet. We ended up shipping into a variety of locally repped fits and yeeting into null.

Roam members (13)
Clarityz- 2 Scout, combat probes
Colare Agala
Essalin Wessette
Khalista Hemah
Kraiklyn Vuld
Lee King
Slash Azizora - Scout
Uryence - 2IC, 3 Scout
Volpe III
Vybez Kartel
White Embers
Yuri Levnik - FC
Kills and Losses
We didn't find much initially, but one system had a bunch of MTUs in it, so Clarityz combat probed them down and we blew them up. L33t PVP!
(00:08:52) NG-M8K
Mobile Tractor Unit +6.96m
Mobile Tractor Unit +8.05m
Mobile Tractor Unit +6.88m
Mobile Tractor Unit +6.92m
Mobile Tractor Unit +7.06m
Mobile Tractor Unit +6.85m

We roamed a bit further and ran into a much scarier gang that was coming the opposite way. I really wanted to fight but they really had too much firepower for us and several of us got blapped as I lingered too long in the engagement. I should have gotten us off grid sooner.
(00:27:13) 5LAJ-8, B9EA-G
Kikimora -88.57m
Blackbird -24.82m
Malediction -27.33m
Hecate -97.18m
Moa -25.52m
Moa -22.65m
Capsule -0.01m

We were headed back through the same ground the larger gang had already covered, and found the wrecks of several ships they had blown up. However, we found a hapless Vexor that was apparently AFK (or a very poorly programmed bot), as it continued to shoot the rats even after we engaged it.
(00:58:29) 6L78-1
Vexor +20.86m
Capsule +0.01m

We roamed on and saw a couple of targets, including a Dominix our scout managed to get on grid with, but we didn't catch anything else before we headed home.

ISK Destroyed: 63,603,503.72
ISK Lost: 286,090,659.23
ISK Delta: -222,487,155.51
Efficiency: 18.188%

What went well
  • We had a decent composition initially, including a bubbler, T3D, scout, EWAR, and DPS
  • The fleet kept together well
  • It was nice to open up the fleet composition to a wider variety of ships, rather than just flying T1 frigates like usual
What could have gone better
  • I should have gotten us out of the engagement with the other gang immediately, rather than lingering
  • There wasn't much in space to shoot at
  • Formup took a while
  • We lost our only ceptor and had to use a cruiser scout for the tail end of the fleet
Overall, not a great yeet experience - we found very few targets, and most of the handful we found immediately warped to structures. This may be common for USTZ, or maybe we just got unlucky in our landing points. A shotgun AAF gang might have had a little more luck getting onto targets, but thinking back, probably the only target we missed that we might have caught was the last Dominix.

Thanks to everyone who came out,

"He's like a shark; a shark doesn't eat you because he hates you. He eats you because he's hungry and you're there." - Elihugh Beecher
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Re: [AAR] Yeet Fleet 27 June 2300

Post by Clarityz »

Got murdered by Amelia Duskspace, the bubbler was probably their alt. They killed a Rorqual half an hour later. https://zkillboard.com/kill/101766242/

Amelia has the videos that Uryence recommends as a primer on manual flying, as well as some ridiculously blingy small gang fleets. I don't want to put words in Uryence's mouth, but the nano gang we've been flying in seems like a low-ISK emulation of their style, been really enjoying it!

Anyway, some bad piloting on my part (didn't put my armor mode on, but I got pointed by keres to be fair), but I had fun. And I got to yeet the fleet to some MTUs. Thanks for the fleet FC and everyone for coming!
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