[prelim][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @14-01-21

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Marek Holmberg
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[prelim][AAR] Nullbear Hunt @14-01-21

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Roam members (24)
Elm Paisley - Wolf
Gideon Mastracci jr - Hecate
Joachim Gallente - Enyo
Laden Kanenald - Wolf
Marek Holmberg - Wolf
Marn Vermuldir - Wolf
Mosq - Wolf
Muhib - Retribution
Nessie Black - Wolf
Project Alpha Zeta - Retribution
Raas Caslo - Flycatcher
Rainn Wilson - Wolf
Rezda Nardieu - Wolf
Sars Covin - Wolf
Sean Yakin - Wolf
Sheky Nine - Wolf
Sr Quinzy Raedstaette - Imperial Navy Slicer
Stan Elcon - Imperial Navy Slicer
Thomas Ownz - Retribution
Tolerin Escipion - Wolf
Uryence - Wolf
Yto Itinen - Stiletto
Zolpidemz - Wolf
spacevossi - Hecate
Kills and Losses

(21:03:19) UTDH-N, ZS-2LT
Iteron Mark V +18.13m
Capsule +1728.45m
Hurricane +84.55m
Capsule +0.01m

(21:43:06) 7T6P-C
Heron +2.6m
Capsule +0.01m

(21:56:47) MXX5-9
Tengu +697.45m
Capsule +41.34m

(22:04:39) 2O9G-D
Vexor Navy Issue +117.92m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 2,690,463,466.33
ISK Lost: 0
ISK Delta: 2,690,463,466.33
Efficiency: 100%

Overall evaluation
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    (Negative stuff)
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