[AAR] AAF Roam through Syndicate (which brought us to sovnull)

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Eugate Maulerant
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[AAR] AAF Roam through Syndicate (which brought us to sovnull)

Post by Eugate Maulerant »

Fleet size: 4 deacons, +- 15 DD, 1 Malediction, 1 Sabre, 1 Confessor
Reshipped/extra ships later: -1 DPS, +1 Malediction, +1 Ramjag

FC: Eugate Maulerant
2IC: Xaifas
Tackle: Yto Itinen, Hippla Tsero, Gideon Mastracci JR
BR: https://br.evetools.org/br/619ed83e1c7830005b10e830

Mistakes by FC will be highlighted

Roaming Syndicate:
During newbro speech, we get told of a Praxis in T22. Fessor scans the whole, Yto goes through. Praxis is trying to roll the hole. Praxis jumps back into PC9 and is now polarized. Praxis dies.

Catching the Orca:
The WH in T22 lead us to Cobalt Edge; we decided to explore.
Yto went ahead.
Mistake 1 by FC: We only had 1 Malediction, even though Hippla had offered to fly Malediction. This would come back to haunt us soon
Mistake 1 by fleet: some people burned out modules (mwd i think). Very important to only heat MWD 2 cycles + turn MWD off when you are orbiting your target at close range.

So fleet was waiting for aggression timer, warps to station to repair etc. Yto identifies a system and we start moving, then gets tackle on the Orca.
FC calls for free burn to Yto.
Yto calls out an enemy Confessor has landed on him; fleet tries to come faster

Mistake 2 by FC: free warps go faster than fleet warps. We had a Sabre with us. I warped the fleet to Yto, Yto died as we landed and the orca warped away.
Killed a confessor and procurer
Yto's death: https://zkillboard.com/kill/96904781/

At this point Yto has to reship, and Hippla reships in a Malediction as well.
The roam continues and we encounter an Ishtar with a funny bait name.
Bait is taken. Ishtar dies.

We continue but by this time the locals are well aware of our presence.
Mistake 3 by FC: Scouts have split; Yto go vroom popping up in systems I didn't think he could have made already. I lose track of his position and jump the fleet in RGU1-T thinking it was cleared already ; Golem on d-scan. He actually warps to the neighboring system and docks there;

However while we are getting ready to leave, +1 in local, our bubble goes up. Legion lands. Yto + a mix of logi and dps jump the gate. The rest agresses the Legion, which stand no chance and can't make it to the gate in time.
Legion dead. https://zkillboard.com/kill/96906338/

Funniest kill of the evening: Yto lands on a DNI, fleet is still way off. The DNI has angered his drone overlords and needs to warp away. Ofcourse, that is not going to happen

By then the roam has been going on for a while. With no filaments in our cargoholds we decide to head to Thera (we know there is a hole in Harroulle close to NSC).
The trip there is uneventful. Plan is to rush back to T22 and try to see if the Orca is still around.

There are ships camping the PC9 gate. We are back in NSC Comms, Magnar bubbles PC9 side then immediately the JH- side of the gate. Fleet is warped in and Drake is called primary.

Mistake #4 by FC: being very close to the Cerberus, I call for spreading points, however the main body of the fleet has not relieved Yto of his Drake-duty; we get split DPS on Drake and Cerberus.
In the end they both go down.

Sadly a Unista had just lost his viator, they were chasing him and were not all caught in the bubble: most of the gang got away.
2 Other lone Caracals get caught by the bubble, one dies the other one escapes.

We rush to the Orca system but the systems are dead, and fleet is folded.

Plenty of learning going on; Fun; Lost only 1 ship; meme kills

Thanks all for joining!
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Raytar Lafisques
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Re: [AAR] AAF Roam through Syndicate (which brought us to sovnull)

Post by Raytar Lafisques »

X'd up for Logi squad lead for the first time. Unfortunately had to leave due RL issue before the return (interesting trip back out of null today, chased by Hecate for a couple of systems, bouncing around kept clear). My main mistake was overview set up, didn't have an uncluttered option showing friendly and enemy to position appropriately, though the actions that I was present for were short enough and one sided enough that logi squad position was probably not a factor. At least I was always in range of those needing reps; I think the whole fleet was just slightly too far away to save Yto. Some tinkering with Overview needed. Enjoyed it, will try again if FC will have me in the role.
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Re: [AAR] AAF Roam through Syndicate (which brought us to sovnull)

Post by Uryence »

Thank you for this fleet (and AAR), Eugate! I was only involved in the final part of the fleet, but can add some backstory to that.

Magnar, SV Munchkin and I were chasing a Prospect through Syndicate; the Prospect and my Stiletto jumped in, in 6E-, to the gang we would later fight on the PC9 gate in JH-. They went for the Prospect; I burned out of their bubble while they were busy, and then warped off. Magnar, SVM and I freeburned back to JH-. I sat on Higaara and watched the gang come in and sit on the PC9 gate, dumping d-scan copy-pastes in fleet and intel. They sent their own interceptor into our pocket to hunt (we’d seen these guys before). Magnar wisely waited with his ‘dictor in PC9.

When the Viator came through from PC9, the first bubble that went up was actually the hostile gang’s; then Magnar came through after (I think?) bubbling theJH gate in PC9. At just about the right moment, Eugate and Yto brought the AAF roam into JH, with Yto plus-1ing them. I followed Yto into the hostile bubble from Higaara in my own Stiletto.

One thing I think I should’ve done as this was happening was to be a bit more vocal about the fact that you now had two Stilettos available (though admittedly mine was much less well piloted than Yto’s!). I called my points in the ensuring battle, and tried to keep secondaries and tertiaries pointed, but I think because we hadn’t made clear to the FC that the small gang the fleet had just united with came with extra tackle, we possibly missed out on one or two extra kills... possibly. But it was a good, fun engagement and there’s a lot to be positive about in what I saw of the roam: plenty of efficient organisation was happening, clearly some really quite new players were getting more PvP experience, and the roam and the people who’d stayed in Syndicate were able to link up and overwhelm a fleet threatening the pocket thanks to quick thinking from Eugate, Yto and Magnar. Also, though I wasn’t involved at all in the start of the fleet, spacevossi reporting the Praxis at the fleet’s start and getting the killmail delivered within minutes was very funny.
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Thomas Ownz
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Re: [AAR] AAF Roam through Syndicate (which brought us to sovnull)

Post by Thomas Ownz »

Very enjoyable AAR roam as usual, I always love going on these. In regards to that Orca that got away, we would have certainly caught it if I had overheated my MWD or my warp scrambler.

Myself (in a Retribution) and the Bubbler were the first two people to land on the grid after Yto got tackle. We both landed about 20-25km away and approached the Orca. I activated MWD and spammed my warp scramble hotkey so I could tackle as soon as possible. Unfortunately at this point the Confessor on grid killed Yto and the Orca was able to warp off. Right as I lost my lock on the Orca due to it's warp, I noticed I was about 11km away from it. If I had overheated literally anything besides my turrets I would have gotten tackle on the Orca.

The blame for the Orca escaping certainly falls on me. Though I don't think I'll forgot to overheat non-turret modules anymore.
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DefinitelyNot Magnar Eriksson
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Re: [AAR] AAF Roam through Syndicate (which brought us to sovnull)

Post by DefinitelyNot Magnar Eriksson »

My bubbles in JH were to keep those on the edge of their own bubble from burning out, not actually on the gate.

If the viator hadn't jumped though , id have burnt to gate and bubbled there then the other side, but becasue the viator jumped thoguh i had to change that and burn in the direction of their gang who were getting out of their own bubble alraedy and then warp off asap.
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