[AAR] End of DefinitelyNot an NSC fleet

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[AAR] End of DefinitelyNot an NSC fleet

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Let me preface this by saying many many mistakes were made and thats why I'm writing this. Most of them were my fault as DefinitelyNot the FC.

After a late night (EU) relatively uneventful roam we were making our way back to to PC9 when we spotted a 5 man fleet:
2x vedmak
3x gnosis

They were camping the 8-J gate in EZA.

What I should have assumed here was that the Gnosises would be insta lock hull tanked with projectiles ie no need cap.

Our comp was mostly kitey so I decided to reship out of my heretic and into [MISTAKE 1] a bait neuting Domi. One of our Nospreys reshipped into a sabre.
[MISTAKE 2] Our Orthrus reshipped into a Brutix but couldn't use his mic to tell me so i wasnt aware he was in a brutix.

[MISTAKE 3] On my way to reship I explained to everyone the plan. Me bait. Warp in at your optimals, kill vedmaks first, then switch gnosises. Exact targets would depend on what happened on grid.

By the time we reshipped, they had began moving onwards and were now spotted by another unista in 6-C. He got eyes for us and they were on a small anchored bubble on the reblier gate.

On the 8-j gate we could have taken them quite easily with what we had as they had no bubble and our kity stuff could warp in at range.

[MISTAKE 4] Thinking we wouldnt have enough time to reship I yolo'd the BS to the bubble and told the rest to warp to me... meaning kitey stuff is landing at 0 and not at range.

[MISTAKE 5] I neut the gnosis instead of the vedmak.

[MISTAKE 6] I didnt spread the neuts

[MISTAKE 7] When the rest of the fleet landed i forgot my previous plan and called a gnosis primary as i already had him in hull and wanted to try MJD. I also called a 2nd Gnosis secondary

[MISTAKE 8] The fleet for some reason didnt focus fire on the primary and instead split damage between primary and secondary, resulting in both getting low hull but none dead.

In the end we got stomped and at least 8 mistakes were made, mostly by me. But we got some content in an otherwise uneventful roam so ill call that a win :P


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