[2021-07-29] NullBear Hunt (Preliminary)

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Roscoe Ormand
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[2021-07-29] NullBear Hunt (Preliminary)

Post by Roscoe Ormand »

Roam members (16)
Albedo183 - Wolf
Daniel Mahan - Imperial Navy Slicer
Elm Paisley - Imperial Navy Slicer
Fudster - Imperial Navy Slicer
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Wolf
Hikaru Sakai - Imperial Navy Slicer
Joachim Gallente - Imperial Navy Slicer
Marek Holmberg - Stiletto
Mike Kingswell - Heretic
Nessie Black - Imperial Navy Slicer
Raas Caslo - Wolf
Roscoe Ormand - Wolf
Samsam James - Wolf
Shevek Asagov - Imperial Navy Slicer
Titus Roderick - Executioner
Yto Itinen - Stiletto
Kills and Losses

(19:50:08) 0-G8NO
Covetor +54.16m
Tayra +14.81m
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.65m
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.17m
Caracal +35.55m
Capsule -0.73m

(20:07:24) L-QQ6P
Caracal +35.53m

(20:15:40) Cumemare
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.24m

(20:34:08) BNX-AS, F9-FUV
Stiletto -47.29m
Myrmidon +91.57m
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.65m
Caracal +42.14m
Naga +156.46m
Executioner -13.36m
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.48m
Wolf -78.97m
Wolf -74.08m
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.3m
Wolf -56.72m
Imperial Navy Slicer -33.6m
Heretic -102.41m
Imperial Navy Slicer -29.6m
Capsule -0.76m
Capsule -41.4m

(20:59:46) F9-FUV
Vexor +26.22m

(21:10:56) BNX-AS, F9-FUV
Stiletto -47.64m
Imperial Navy Slicer -32.98m
Capsule -0.73m

(22:00:12) Y-4CFK, Kedama
Procurer +120.65m
Capsule +202.3m
Imperial Navy Slicer -27.69m

(22:11:23) 6NJ8-V
Imperial Navy Slicer -24.65m

ISK Destroyed: 779,390,764.14
ISK Lost: 759,095,346.24
ISK Delta: 20,295,417.9
Efficiency: 50.66%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    (Negative stuff)
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Arin Mara
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Re: [2021-07-29] NullBear Hunt (Preliminary)

Post by Arin Mara »

50% efficiency, but 100% fun! :)

I see you reenacted Empress of Holy Amarr Jamyl Sarum I's death by being Jamyled yourself. :P You know, there is a myth that someone out there still has the corpse of the Empress. Her capsule was destroyed in the attack and all capsules hide a fleshy body inside...

For the next few weeks I'll be on vacation, far from a computer, so I won't be able to attend the next few Nullbear Hunts.
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Marek Holmberg
Teaching Manager
Teaching Manager
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Re: [2021-07-29] NullBear Hunt (Preliminary)

Post by Marek Holmberg »

What a slaughter! :D

Well i had a blast, scouting is so much fun!

@Arin: We'll miss you buddy! <3
HSC Officer
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