Magic Merlins 2021-07-24

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Adam Cion
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Magic Merlins 2021-07-24

Post by Adam Cion »

Roam members (22)
Adam Cion - Merlin
Albedo183 - Griffin, Maulus
Arkady Marten - Burst
Ben Lear - Burst
CaptainCongo - Merlin
Droogkast1337 - Merlin
Gaelys Aarmenvar - Merlin
Joachim Gallente - Merlin
LBanka - Burst
Michelle Devereux - Merlin
SamLJackson - Merlin
Sean Yakin - Burst
Sholto Douglas - Merlin
Solarea - Merlin
Space O'Brian - Merlin
TitaniumUltra - Merlin
Uriel Tkarmminni - Jaguar
Vega Bonde - Merlin
Vinnie V Vichy - Merlin
Vishnael Skyhunter - Merlin
Zeeroak Ool - Merlin
wordpuzzle2 - Merlin
Fits and Prep

We used Magic Merlins to a fair deal of success. Tackle is not a part of the doctrine but is necessary in Tama with so many kiters, so we brought a normal EUNI RamJag and also tested out a fake RamJag that blends in with the Merlins. The fit:
[Merlin, Fake RamJag]

Damage Control II
Overdrive Injector System II
Overdrive Injector System II

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster

125mm Light Carbine Repeating Cannon I
125mm Light Carbine Repeating Cannon I
Small Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu

Small EM Shield Reinforcer II
Small Thermal Shield Reinforcer II
Small Transverse Bulkhead II

Standard Blue Pill Booster
Agency 'Overclocker' SB3 Dose I

Navy Cap Booster 50 x45
Nanite Repair Paste x60
Phased Plasma S x1000
In theory the fake RamJag is almost as tanky as the Smol Ships Roam tackle Incursus and is about 1000 m/s faster. We still had trouble catching snaked things including AAFs going only a tad faster than our tackle. Next time I think we could bring 2-3 dedicated tackle going >5000 m/s to catch the snaked things. Most of this tackle would reship to DD or Logi outside Tama.

Also Albedo183 brought a Maulus. I asked for a Griffin hoping it might fill a similar role and catch reps a bit better. The EWAR was helpful but with lots of kitey stuff on grid tended to die quickly anyway so a Maulus would have been fine. Later Albedo brought a Maulus to deal with some enemy EWAR we found but we had trouble catching the enemy EWAR anyway.

We had a few new players on the roam and a player to new to the logi role so there was a newbro speech. We practiced broadcasting and set safeties on our way to Tama, the bit of highsec on the way made for good practice.

Kills and Losses

When we got to Tama we saw a Praxis and a small fleet of assault frigates. Uriel tackled the Praxis and we went to fight it, only to find ourselves on grid with a friendly group of assault frigates on a roam from NSC. We teamed up to take out the Praxis. Afterwards we were joined by some kiters (especially NeedsToBeReal in a snaked slicer) who picked off our EWAR and some Merlins who did not anchor up quickly enough.

(18:39:36) Tama
Praxis +224.29m
Griffin -1.13m
Merlin -9.92m
Merlin -5.91m
Merlin -11.11m

One of our scouts tackled a Hecate but we didn't get there. A Vargur took it out.

(19:02:25) Tama
Hecate +116.12m

We were on a crazy grid with Shadow Cartel. Our RamJag and fake RamJag had a hard time catching the enemy. The enemies were snaked going similar speeds to us or faster and piloting well. They also had a Sentinel neuting out to 45km or so, turning off tackle's MWDs. I was unaware of the neut bonus on the Sentinel (thought it was just tracking disruption) so underestimated the fleet and asked for tackle where it wasn't really reasonable.

The fleet was on the other side of Uriel from the Vargur. We were trying to catch some of their AFs, but a snaked Retri for example is quite close to a RamJag's speed so scouts had it tough. Shadow Cartel played it well and managed to surround Uriel and separate him from the rest of the fleet and our logi. We burned in a little but it was too late.

(19:09:41) Tama
Jaguar -45.42m

We kept fighting on these crazy grids, losing a few Merlins, a Burst, and a Maulus. We were able to rep the incoming DPS for the most part. Most of the losses were due to grid separation, I dragged to fleet around a bit too fast here and some people burned off as well. We collectively slingshotted a Slicer that rammed us, but otherwise were kited pretty badly. I thought the Orthrus was breaking logi but we stayed away from it fairly well judging from the lack of losses here.

(19:32:01) Tama
Merlin -15.9m
Burst -8.88m
Merlin -5.49m
Imperial Navy Slicer +22.5m
Merlin -6.58m
Maulus -1.12m

Next, we found a group with a similar composition to our own fleet but far fewer numbers outside a complex. There were also two third-party Jackdaws and Zander in his Wolf. We took them out without much trouble, opting for DD rather than logi first to get more quickly to a point where our logi could hold. We took them out quickly, losing one Merlin to their fleet, a Jackdaw, and Zander combining their DPS which was unlucky. Another Slicer came around which tackle grabbed easily, IIRC this one was not snaked so would have been about as fast as the fake RamJag.

(19:38:24) Tama
Merlin -11.09m
Merlin +10.74m
Kestrel +6.6m
Merlin +12.54m
Imperial Navy Slicer +25.38m
Bantam +8.42m

Another crazy grid with Shadow Cartel, with the earlier Orthrus getting in range and breaking logi. I was late to call scatter, hoping to catch something but we were kited again without tackling much, just a lone Kestrel.

(19:43:17) Tama
Merlin -9.26m
Capsule -0.01m
Kestrel +8.78m
Burst -9.09m
Capsule -0.01m
Merlin -7.98m

Vishnael went for Hero tackle on a Thrasher. I thought it was a little questionable but possibly tanky enough, so brought the fleet into the system early and got us aligned. We warped as Vishnael slid, but the DPS turned out to be too much. A slicer also managed to pick off one logi who got alone at one point.

(20:02:46) Nagamanen, Sujarento
Merlin -11.55m
Burst -8.25m

Hixona was on the prowl with a smartbomb camp as usual, messing with our reships.

(20:10:00) Tama
Capsule -0.01m

Another Hecate took a fight against us, and our logi held again.

(20:10:05) Fliet
Hecate +69.65m
Capsule +0.01m

This was probably the meatiest fight we got. We landed aiming for a few frigates at a novice but another fleet landed at the same time making for a nice fight. The Hurricane landed 50km of but pulled in to 30km. We went for the Succubus first to get as many webs as possible on it given it was 10km from our landing point. Then the Maller to remove DPS quickly, then a couple small things before the Hurricane. The Breacher had tackled logi but our logi held through the Breacher and Hurricane together, and Vishnael got scram on the Breacher while we finished off the Hurricane. Overall this was a really lucky warpin and between scrams spread and the Hurricane staying by choice we caught quite a bit.

(20:29:30) Nisuwa
Succubus +110.2m
Merlin -16.24m
Maller +39.11m
Algos +7.8m
Tristan +12.86m
Hurricane +82.82m
Breacher +10.36m

I saw an Industrial Cynosaural Field at a Citadel, so what to do but warp the fleet right on it and gank the cyno ship? We got their Nereus (I mixed it up with a Noctis so was disappointed by the ISK value) and saw an Ark but it was sadly tethered. I was unfamiliar with the Standup Point Defense module on structures. It's like a structure-sized smartbomb, and despite a quick fleet warp right after the kill, we lost three Merlins here.

(20:43:49) Nisuwa
Nereus +4.74m
Merlin -10.9m
Merlin -18.29m
Merlin -8.07m

Vishnael grabbed us a Catalyst which we ganked, then a Thorax came to say hello 100km off. We rammed the Thorax with MWDs heated and caught it. The pilot claimed they messed up and click warp to the wrong bookmark which is plausible as we were burning for a good few seconds.

(20:47:40) Nisuwa
Catalyst +9.9m
Thorax +35.52m

We found a Tristan and Sentinel together. We tried to ram the Sentinel but it heated and warped off, but we caught the Tristan. As we were about to leave a Stabber and Kiki arrived about 100km off of us and began to fight. We rammed them and spread tackle. The Stabber was winning the 1v1, but we stole the kill on the Kiki and finished off the Stabber.

(20:55:13) Nisuwa
Tristan +8.11m
Kikimora +127.34m
Stabber +61.46m

On our way back to Tama we encountered a small fleet of Punishers with some other stuff mixed in. We tried to engage on the Tama gate, but ended up fighting inside a Novice complex in Tama instead. We had fairly diminished numbers so this was closer to an even fight. I think we traded well, considering. We went for a Punisher first as it was closest. I think the Kestrel may have made more sense to do first though. We spread scrams and kept most of them on grid.

(21:09:21) Tama
Merlin -13.17m
Merlin -9.89m
Punisher +10.68m
Kestrel +9.84m
Punisher +9.75m
Burst -9.1m
Punisher +9.91m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 1,055,436,463.94
ISK Lost: 254,390,791.68
ISK Delta: 801,045,672.26
Efficiency: 80.578%

Overall evaluation
  • We found tons of content. The route we took, time we roamed, and numbers we had let us take many fights. Merlins seem engageable to lots of people in lowsec but are not really, part of the magic.
  • Logi held us. We lost quite a few Merlins especially tackle, but considering the general business of many of the grids we should have lost a lot more people.
  • At the debrief, several fleet members said it was clear where to go and what to shoot. :)
  • Scouts caught lots of things, Vishnael even fitted a point on the tackle Merlin after we left Tama. This was a great idea as we did not need to scram to catch kiters so much, and it got us several more kills than we would have otherwise.
  • Sentinels are scary, I had no idea about the neut bonus.
  • Fortizars are scary, I had no idea something like the point defense module existed.
  • We lost quite a few scout ships. I asked for tackle in some fairly unreasonable situations, and also the speed was not enough to catch snaked things. I'm considering some fits for next time that will go fast. Stay tuned and come on the next one if you want to try some Quafe Zero ;)
  • We had some grid separation and stayed perhaps too long on grids with many proficient kiters, not able to catch things. Faster/more tackle, an extra logi, or even just leaving earlier could have helped. It wasn't that much fun being kited and unable to catch things.
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Arkady Marten
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Re: Magic Merlins 2021-07-24

Post by Arkady Marten »

This was a great roam! Thanks, Adam, for leading us on this glorious rampage! :D

It really was a very diverse set of fights, some just brawly out-dps-the-enemy kind of fights, others more tricky trying to catch the kitey stuff, but we were successful either way!

Personally, I am really bummed I lost my Burst in that last fight. To lose a logi ship against blaster-fit Punishers firing Void is a bit embarrassing. All I would have needed to do is pull range even slightly. I would have, if I had realised that I was sitting right next to them, lol. Chalk it up to pilot exhaustion at the end of the roam.
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Ben Lear
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Re: Magic Merlins 2021-07-24

Post by Ben Lear »

Thanks as well Adam for organising and FC'ing this was probably the most content I have had in a single fleet for absolutely ages, it was fab , I have no idea how you kept up the constantly happening/changing different fights your FC commands were very impressive , and we had some great fleet scouts :D

Apologies Arkady I was shield repping you from my Burst in that last fight but it didn't stop you going down unfortunately ... :(

You could really see the benefit of having Burst shield logi ships in this sort of fleet as our DD was able to melt through other fleets that were unable to break them with remote reps on them. It happened to me in my Burst, I was targeted in one engagement but they couldn't break my ships shields with the amount of remote reps i was getting :lol:
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Vishnael Skyhunter
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Re: Magic Merlins 2021-07-24

Post by Vishnael Skyhunter »

Great fleet, I absolutely commend Adam for his good grid awareness, positioning and D-Scan skills as well as him giving clear commands, which is important when having some people on fleet for which this has been the very first one. If you want to improve from a very good level already you might want to call ship type and name of the pilot as a targets, I can remember having 2 slicers on grid once, and the chance of shooting the right one is 50/50 if no name is given :wink:

Logi did an amazing job too, good positioning and reaction times, we did not lose a single ship to a brawly stabber which is actually amazing. Let me comment on some things taken from the AAR:

"We used Magic Merlins to a fair deal of success." This is an understatement :D

"Next time I think we could bring 2-3 dedicated tackle going >5000 m/s to catch the snaked things." Sentinel for draining, or a Vigil FI for the webbonus helps both greatly against kiters. Question is if the fleet stays this engagable with this levels of ewar.

"Vishnael went for Hero tackle on a Thrasher. I thought it was a little questionable but possibly tanky enough" I remember saying... only one way to find out. Well sometimes you find out things the hard way, wasn't fast enough to get under his guns with web and scram on me. It was close though ;)

To sum up, great fleet, lots of content, would join again
Tl;dr: 10/10 Fleet!
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