[2021-07-22] NullBear Hunt

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Roscoe Ormand
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[2021-07-22] NullBear Hunt

Post by Roscoe Ormand »

Roam members (13)
Albedo183 - Wolf
Andreei24 - Wolf
Arin Mara - Imperial Navy Slicer
Ben Lear
Gideon Mastracci jr
Joachim Gallente - Imperial Navy Slicer
Marek Holmberg - Stiletto
Mike Kingswell
Nessie Black - Imperial Navy Slicer
Raas Caslo - Wolf
Roscoe Ormand - Wolf
Yto Itinen - Stiletto
Kills and Losses

(20:11:25) FD53-H
Stiletto -48.03m
Capsule -0.01m

(20:44:35) 86L-9F
Gila +350.48m

ISK Destroyed: 350,484,063.56
ISK Lost: 48,042,212.74
ISK Delta: 302,441,850.82
Efficiency: 87.945%

Overall evaluation

(Positive stuff)
On the whole the fleet was well organised and efficient today. Multiple scouts taking multiple routes as provided by our navigators was done well, and once again Arin's marvel of a sheet was very useful in finding the content for us.

Props to Yto for effort in almost snagging a Thanatos for us!

(Negative stuff)
Unfortunately tonight was a bit slow content wise. Most folks either not out to play or ratting aligned! However the fleet was generally well formed.
We did miss an opportunity on a Gila due to comms, which is something to improve for scouts next time, but on the whole everything was done well.
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Mike Kingswell
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Re: [2021-07-22] NullBear Hunt

Post by Mike Kingswell »

Fun was had - with or without pewpew <3

Idea: maybe have scouts and bubbler and FC in a subchannel for more communication.
More scouts means potentially more targets but it does also mean a bit more confusion.
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Arin Mara
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Re: [2021-07-22] NullBear Hunt

Post by Arin Mara »

Scan scan scan! What a wondrous Event! :) Uniquely, Marek Scouted together with Yto. :)

Roscoe and Marek scoured the whole of Verge Vendor and most of Placid Regions in order to find a suitable Drifter Wormhole to call our home. Thanks Marek, thanks Roscoe! :)
Throught some voodoo magic, Mike signed me up to be the 2IC and made me have flashbacks to when Fleet Commander Roscoe disconnected no less then 6 times which put me in charge. Actually, that wasn't that bad... I got to assign myself a lot of letters to scan down :D hahahahhaha
Roscoe, unlike Marek, did not assign the letters based on the alphabetic order of capsuleer in Fleet, rather the assigned me A to E Cosmic Signatures first! :P Thanks Roscoe! There were so many I couldn't even finished exploring them all :)
Marek roped me into quoting their arguments against flying a Retribution, Holy Amarr Assault Frigate. Trying to tell that while at the same time scanning, naming Bookmarks and updating the PvP Finder Sheet was a fun challenge :D

Thank you to all the Navigators, Scouts, Probers, Interdictors and Fleet Commanders :) Will attend again ;)
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Ben Lear
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Re: [2021-07-22] NullBear Hunt

Post by Ben Lear »

Thanks for the fleet, the Null Bear hunt was definitely well above my skill levels!

I immediately set out the next day and started practicing probing skills so I can contribute a bit better to the next one :roll:

At least got to try a Wolf for the 1st time which was interesting, just got to figure out all the other new stuff works now ... :shock:
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