ESS Vexors #16 28-07-22 An Emotional Rollercoaster

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ESS Vexors #16 28-07-22 An Emotional Rollercoaster

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Roam members (17)
Adam Cion - Hurricane
Alexander Choringen - Harbinger
Atlas Breau - Gnosis
BedDaBaws - Gnosis
Cryptic Sharvas - Naga, Eris
Engaging Story
Hijudizi Yonkido - Bifrost
Jamroar Pava - Hurricane, Eris
Karakuri Prime - Vexor
Kejane - Gnosis
Kieth Agnon - Myrmidon
Kithian Hastos - Eris
LaurenceCWinston - Eris
Mona Easly - Eris
Trajen Syn - Vexor
Xyrin Bacard - Rook, Mobile Tractor Unit
Zarvox Pooral - Eris
Kills and Losses

(01:06:09) M-OEE8
Crusader +40.26m

(01:12:13) M-OEE8
Ferox +107.32m
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant +0.01m

Had a decent fight in M-O, they sent in the Onyx and Sabre to scram the Bifrost and prevent its boosh. We chose to mostly primary their Feroxes instead of their more valuable Scimitars and Vultures and fought until death. Unfortunately they were able to quickly reship or bring more Feroxes so we lost the field.

(01:19:15) M-OEE8
Sabre +95.15m
Onyx +487.04m
Hurricane -127.27m
Ferox +90.26m
Gnosis -109.32m
Ferox +107.2m
Harbinger -120.35m
Scimitar +342.36m
Gnosis -125.39m
Ferox +119.13m
Naga -131.71m
Ferox +104.24m
Vexor -42.16m
Eris -221.62m
Eris -84.39m
Eris -89.88m
Eris -99.75m
Myrmidon -129.76m
Capsule -0.75m
Capsule -5.89m
Capsule -22.05m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Mobile Tractor Unit -54.65m

Caught a Typhoon and Gnosis on the gate. While we killed the Gnosis, Vargur warps down to try saving it and dies promptly.

(02:14:12) EIN-QG
Gnosis +78.77m
Vargur +3816.31m
Wolf +67m
Capsule +0.01m
Capsule +0.01m

(02:20:12) EIN-QG

Caught another Vargur on the gate as we were leaving and booshed it off. I try to get everyone to come back but the fleet was already split so we never had enough dps on field for the Vargur and it was 100km off when we jumped in. We did manage to snag a few other kills that landed closer to us however but lost all loot from the previous Vargur and the Rook.

Harbinger -116.03m
Rook -368.27m
Naga -130.84m
Typhoon +357.8m
Gnosis +83.55m
Megathron +388.48m
Capsule +18.87m
Eris -90.35m
Capsule +38.54m
Myrmidon -156.44m
Gnosis -444.41m
Eris -110.82m
Catalyst +2.17m
Capsule -0.75m
Capsule -0.01m
Eris -90.18m
Eris -188.78m
Bifrost -86.02m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -5.57m
Capsule -0.01m

Our Stabber manages to snatch the Vargur loot from our wrecks.

(03:36:46) JMH-PT

Decided to yeet again but with far fewer people. A Maelstrom comes into us but it must've been implanted or blingy since it tanked all of us at once. Died shortly to his friends who came in after. Should've switched off the Maelstrom but it looked like it was breaking.

Eris -89.28m
Hurricane -133.36m
Vexor -47.76m
Gnosis -113.21m
Capsule -2.52m
Capsule -4.74m

ISK Destroyed: 6,344,480,683.09
ISK Lost: 3,544,402,661.14
ISK Delta: 2,800,078,021.95
Efficiency: 64.158%

Overall evaluation
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