ESS Vexors EUTZ Edition

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ESS Vexors EUTZ Edition

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Roam members (9)
Albedo183 - Vexor
Apo Bong - Vexor
Atlas Breau - Vexor
Duradel - Vexor
Flessy - Vexor
Hijudizi Yonkido
Karakuri Prime
Nehushtan - Vexor
Xyrin Bacard
Kills and Losses

Got caught by a bubble camp due to me not having my scout alt get far enough ahead and whelped almost the entire fleet.

(21:02:44) EWOK-K, MI6O-6
Vexor -53.59m
Vexor -48.18m
Vexor -38.44m
Capsule -0.78m
Vexor -41.89m
Vexor -50.06m
Capsule -0.01m
Capsule -0.01m
Vexor -57.74m
Capsule -0.01m

Half our members coincidently had to leave after that. We ended up stealing a decent amount of isk after but found no fights before people needed to go to bed.

ISK Destroyed: 0
ISK Lost: 290,703,444.49
ISK Delta: -290,703,444.49
Efficiency: 0%

Overall evaluation
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