{AAR} Impromtu HSC WHSOC Fight

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{AAR} Impromtu HSC WHSOC Fight

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Roam members (11)
Akula Shugus - Scythe
Auhmah Gauwed
Hasin Krisk - Caracal
Jack RipperJr - Caracal
Jordareen Cyla Athonille - Caracal
Konrad Chatier - Caracal
Nexdoom Atruin - Scythe
Raveneye Walker - Caracal
Sars Covin
Sparklez Ripper - Caracal
William Buell Richards - Caracal

So It started with One of the Ex-Unistas Squin Ti killing Mtu so I was like WHSOC is in the chain.Asked Rogue about a fight and she said yes.So I started Forming RLML Caracals at first we started with 7 so I didn't call for logi then when we hit 10 I called for 2 Scythes. And I called for undock. Went to the wormhole and then they saw we had sycthes and they immediately get primaryed and blapped off grid.So for almost the whole fight we had no logi and then we just kept dyeing but i wanted to get some kills so we whelped and everyone had fun.

Kills and Losses

(01:14:25) J113723
Scythe -23.29m
Thrasher +14.42m
Scythe -34.09m
Caracal -26.68m
Caracal -62.56m
Caracal -61.82m
Sabre +88.48m
Caracal -30.35m
Caracal -29.04m
Caracal -28.17m

ISK Destroyed: 102,895,090.25
ISK Lost: 296,000,404.6
ISK Delta: -193,105,314.35
Efficiency: 25.795%

Overall evaluation
  • (Positive stuff)
    We killed some stuff
    Combat Comms Were good
    Primary calls were clear
    (Negative stuff)
Could have called for switches
Called Secondary
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