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[AAR][15.09.2020] Small Ships Roam

Roam members (10)
Daemon Oldman - Incursus
Fonggar Akiga - Incursus, Enyo
LaurenceCWinston - Raptor
Lev XII - Incursus
Reikei n'Treivan - Griffin
Space Warfare Development - Nemesis
SurDavid - Griffin, Incursus
Vexd Hex - Punisher, Griffin
Zeeba Eatah - Vexor
Zkadon Estemaire - Enyo

Kills and Losses

(02:29:22) Old Man Star
Kikimora +105.94m
Talos +166.24m
Raptor -67.79m
Enyo -37.07m
Incursus -6.08m
Punisher -2.37m

(02:43:27) Old Man Star
Incursus -6.63m
Capsule -0.01m

(03:22:06) Fliet
Griffin -2.04m
Griffin -2.1m
Incursus -6.47m
Incursus -6.63m
Griffin -2.1m
Enyo -37.15m
Osprey Navy Issue +86.47m
Vexor -40.75m
Incursus -7.94m

(03:55:16) Tama
Enyo -37.04m
Incursus -6.58m
Enyo -36.75m
Vexor -40.17m
Incursus -3.96m

ISK Destroyed: 358,642,414.17
ISK Lost: 349,622,369.35
ISK Delta: 9,020,044.82
Efficiency: 50.637%

    Our starting comp: 1 Enyo, 3 Incursus, 2 Griffin, 1 Raptor, 1 Nemesis, 1 Punisher

    Trip to Old Man's Star was quiet. Found a couple plexers but they were all awake and ready.

    In old man's star we found 2 Wangs Brutix Navy Issues off a station. Warped fleet to a medium to gain time to think. There was a Kiki at zero at the medium... I'm not one to give up free breakfast so BLAP. A talos then lands on us at zero... I'll take free lunch as well.

    2x BNI land on grid at 70km, a Harbringer was spotted on DSCAN. Warped fleet to sun at 70 in hopes they follow and land on us. Hurrah a BNI lands right on top of us and we engage. I called for ECM to pull range and call for successful cycles. There was a call for a successful cycle but it was probably made in mistake as I was then locked and scram-webbed O.O Another BNI, the Harb and a Hurricane land on grid. I called for us to warp and dock at the NPC station they did not undock from. WANGS decided to actually station camp us C.C so we just took a bio break while our suspect timers wore off.

    Reshipped in Villore. Here I also asked for our Griffins to refit to 3x Gal 1x Amarr ECM in case we are either forced to fight Wangs or maneuver an engagable fight. They were not found so we moved on. Oh and we lost an Incursus b/c a pilot accidentally undocked before going to get a drink.

    While moving another pilot had joined comms and was flying over in a Vexor. While we were about to leave for the next system said pilot gave us intel that a flashy Nosprey was jumping to our system. Back to the gate we went, Nosprey found and tackled. Here I make the critical mistake of not instructing our Griffins to warp off. Previously I've simply asked them to warp to the fight at 50km but a rapid light ship demands more respect since they can reach 57/67 km. Our opponents warp in a drek and an algos and without our Griffins we could not take them. Got the Nosprey at least tho.

    Another reship and off to Tama. Our brave Vexor pilot wanted to scout and with 2 fights under the belt I decided 'eh why the eff not'. In Tama our Vexor went to check the Norv gate while a secondary scout frigate checked the small outpost. A Vedmak and slasher was found outside of the small and I called for tackle and the Vexor to join the fight. Unfortunately I've been holding these destroyer or smaller fleets for so long I forgot that since we had a cruiser we did not have the safety option of sliding the plex if someone too hard to fight showed up o.o So when an Ikitursa, Retribution and some other small stuff landed we were well and boned. I think we might have taken the fight for fun regardless but in terms of purely tactical decision making, I should not have called for that engagement given where we were. I also could have done a better job of target selection as we could have blapped the slasher and maybe the retribution before going down. Such is the way of Tama o7

    Overall I think the roam went well. Usually I expect lowsec roams to be a bunch of ganking of sad plexers and 1 big fight at the end. Getting 2 fights were my fc ability and our fleets individual piloting skills made/could-have-made a difference is a huge win in my books. More so than even getting dank frags for me. The fact that we also did that was just gravy (don't go afk with your kiki on a gate frens). With better communication and on grid separation there was also a chance we could have killed one of the wangs battlecruisers? Hard to say.

    Thanks as always to everyone for coming! Special thanks to our Scout for stepping up to hunt once more. I do feel bad that it's often up to you but it's simply a job that requires experience for a successful fleet.

    Fly for fun!