[AAR] In which we take BRAVE bait and then roam

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Kai-Alon Deninard



Post 2019.12.02 04:13

[AAR] In which we take BRAVE bait and then roam

It was a quiet night in the hole, when Spoopy Newbies in a Punisher and Executioner showed up in Innu. We took the bait. Because you always take the bait.

Punisher: +20.0M
Enyo -44.9 M

At this point, about 5 Confessors, 3 Jackdaws, and a few frigates (including a Deacon and Thalia) land on us.

Stratios: -276 M

GFs in local, and because things were cray, they invited us to join them on a roam through Horde nullsec. We doubled the number of logi and added some fast frigates to the mostly T3D fleet they were fielding. They also gave us back the loot from our wrecks, because they were good sports.
Kai-Alon: Deacon
Talenelat Stonesinew: IN Slicer
Sone Eto: Jaguar
Lucius Septimus Severus: FN Comet
Ithugor Wells: Deacon

We rumbled out and started looking for trouble, finding it quickly: https://zkillboard.com/related/30002472/201912020200/

Praxis: +218 M
Praxis: +211 M
Vexor Navy Issue: +61.5 M
Catalyst: +3.62M

At this point we saw a couple of tempting targets, including a large Procurer fleet, but no one wanted to play. We headed towards O-VWPB, Horde's staging system, and dropped a couple of bubbles in the neighboring system. We hung around for long enough to get bored (not very long) and decided to jump on through. We camped their Ansiblex for a bit and primaried Local with a lot of recruitment spam and dank memes, but nothing wanted to undock. (Props to Sone Eto for bringing ultra-dank memes to the party.) Horde's reluctance to tango was because, unbeknownst to us, the Goons had raided them about 30 minutes prior...

We headed to another high ratting delta system, also with no luck and decided to call it quits. On our way back through O-VWPB, things got interesting. Horde fielded a 16 ship Cormorant fleet. We jumped them around a bit, heading back towards our outgate. Holding on the outgate, we waited to see what they might bring. A Sabre landed and immediately bubbled us. Almost as immediately, we potted him.

Sabre: +91.6 M

But right after that, A 20 ship Ferox fleet came in the gate we were sitting on and the Cormorant fleet warped in shortly thereafter. Ruh roh. https://br.inyour.space/?s=2457&b=8897945&e=10&t=bw

Flycatcher: +95.0 M
Cormorant: +12.9M
Crow: +38.3 M
Malediction: +45.0 M

We were deleted fairly quickly as the odds were not in our favor (18 vs. 50)
Jaguar: -44.6 M
Confessor: -111 M
Jackdaw: -62.1 M
Thalia: -123 M
Jackdaw: -64.5 M
Jackdaw: -84.5 M
Deacon: -99.2 M
Deacon: -43.9 M
Crucifier: -2.78 M
Confessor: -91.4 M
Confessor: -92.9 M
Confessor: -92.0 M
Capsules: approximately -20 M, because we were professionals...

Stragglers made it back to our J-space entrance while the rest of us laughed our rear ends off and cheered for the good fights.

Final tally:
Killed: 797 M
Lost: 1253 M
Efficiency: 38.9%

If you ignore the fight in Innu, the final tally looks like this:
Killed: 777 M
Lost: 932 M
Efficiency: 45.5%

Fleet FC was Invidia Aquitaine.

Consensus was this was totally fun and the next time we roll into a Spoopy Newbies hole, we should do this again. While the killboard efficiency was low, the fun board efficiency was 100%.

Invidia Aquitaine



Post 2019.12.02 04:23

Re: [AAR] In which we take BRAVE bait and then roam

This was a totally fun fleet! 10/10 would explosively recruit members to my fleet again!

Kai-Alon Deninard



Post 2019.12.02 04:24

Re: [AAR] In which we take BRAVE bait and then roam


Ky Hanomaa



Post 2019.12.02 13:05

Re: [AAR] In which we take BRAVE bait and then roam

I feel I logged off right before the party...

*cries in EUTZ*

Glad you guys found some content though after what felt like 2hrs of station spinning and deep talks...good talks, to be fair.
Former Assistant FCC Manager

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Post 2019.12.02 14:42

Re: [AAR] In which we take BRAVE bait and then roam

That first fight was hilarious, I warped in with my guys and was very confused at first, because I could clearly hear on comms that there was a fight going on, but I couldn't see anything. Turns out, because I'm a former Unista, I had you guys set blue personally... I managed to lock your Stratios by randomly [Ctrl]+Drag-ing across the screen, so I just stuck on that and pretended I was following along with our illustrious FC Invidia's instructions.

Then, like good wormholers everywhere, we went on a roam! You guys were amazingly gracious and a hell of a lot of fun. 10/10 would do again.

I'd promised that the person who did the most hilarious f*ck-up on the fleet would get a skin, but of course, Unistas are consummate professionals and nobody did anything even remotely mistaken, let alone hilariously mistaken, so I'm going to send you guys the skin to hand out for whatever activity you guys decide.



CEO Spoopy Newbies
Aethraen Azizora wrote:Class was great – very informative and clearly presented. Algazel is great lecturer! Loved the start -- really got me laughing :rainbowlaugh:

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