[AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

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Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.07 11:40

[AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Searching for my first solo kill.

Fit up a lot of ships and moved clone to Jita. Planning to singlehandedly subdue Tama - the only system on my usual avoid list.

Day One:
Battle One: 0W 1L
Jumped into a novice plex onto a merlin. Engaged and it seemed I was wearing through his shield faster than he was getting through my armor. Then a third party in a Heron landed on grid and engaged me. I changed my aggression to him, thinking it would be an easier kill but it was already too late. I think it wasn't a winnable fight for me with two opponents. Merlin died after me, so at least I'm on a killmaill https://zkillboard.com/kill/77158995/. Spent the flight back to Jita thinking about lasers.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77158991/

Battle Two: 0W 2L
Reshipped and headed on back to Tama. Straight back to the novice plex but no one there. Jumped to Kedama. Warped to the small plex where there was plenty of movement. Was engaged by a Hawk. I didn't even know what that was. Barely scratched its shields before getting burst. Spent the flight back to Jita thinking about the amazing exoplanet skin for the punisher.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77159135/

Battle Three: 0W 3L
reshipped into a tormentor this time. As I left Jita, someone was complaining about being scammed, "I'M ANGRY" it said. Back to Tama. Novice outpost empty, warp to medium. Outside the gate was a Thorax. No fear. His faction drones were very strong though. Not sure if right but I switched to targeting them and knocked out a couple before capping out. He was about 1/3 shield as I popped. lol. Spent the flight back to Jita trying to work out how many frigates I can afford to lose

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77159270/

Battle Four: 0W 4L
back into a tormentor. Another drink and back to Tama. Practised a bit of dscanning but nothing doing in the small/novice plexes. Found and looted the wreckage from my first battle. Also a random frozen corpse. Drop it off and into Kedama. Novice Plex was empty but an incursus in the small. Leaped in and engaged. He easily tanked my damage and I was tanking his. I thought the fight would end with me capped out. But then a Condor landed on grid and shortly after I was back in my pod. Not a good engagement imo. Spent the flight back to Jita thinking about how I said 'gf" in local but didn't really mean it.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77159551/

End of Day One. -38M ISK
Only one really decent engagement, the first battle vs Merlin. Felt like I could comfortably won that one if 1v1. Maybe. Cruisers and assault frigates seem well beyond capability as of yet. Maybe the Incursus was a decent match but I think cap issues would have lost me that one if it had stayed 1v1.
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Kelon Darklight



Post 2019.06.08 00:39

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

I took a look at your tormentor fit, and its feeling a bit fleetish. You are focusing alot on boosting your resists, however this is coming at a cost of speed (as the resist armor rigs slow you down) and damage. You are also not packing multi, and you really should as its properly a scram kiter, one of the strongest if not the strongest t1 scram kiter in the game.

I would suggest this:

[Tormentor, Shrimpy]

Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste
IFFA Compact Damage Control
'Refuge' Adaptive Nano Plating I

1MN Afterburner II
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler

Small Focused Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency S
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency S

Small Energy Burst Aerator I
Small Energy Collision Accelerator I
[Empty Rig slot]

Hobgoblin II x2
Warrior II x2

Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB3 Dose I

Aurora S x3
Gleam S x3
Imperial Navy Multifrequency S x3
True Sanshas Microwave S x3

Does very good damage out to the edge of your scram range, which lets you kite dps boats like blasters. You can also get a t2 damage rig and go bulkheads, which costs a little dps and give a bit of buffer.
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Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.08 09:31

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try this evening.

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.09 11:00

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Two -

Fit up a few ships from Kelon Darklight's suggestion. Realised I don't have any Energy Weapons Rigging skills at all, training to lvl 2 to see. Swapped aerator rig for a nano pump rig in time being. Keen for some PvP action.

Battle Five: 0W 5L
Headed straight for Tama and right into a gatecamp. Right on the entry gate. Tried to warp. Was dead before I could even target anyone. Got podded too, no flight back to Jita.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77175437/

Battle Six: 0W 6L
Decided to take the long way around into Tama. DT just as I arrive. After DT is quite quiet, fly around to Hirri. Totally forgetting about gate guns, I engage and get blasted. Stupid mistake, good lesson? Spent the flight back to Jita wondering if space rastas exist

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77176246/

Battle Seven: 0W 7L
Back to Tama. Jumped in to small plex. Landed about 35km from a hookbill. Knew it was a bad engagement but at least wanted a proper fight. I went down quickly, couldn't get within scram range before hitting hull. Didn't last long at all. Spent the flight back to Jita chatting with the opposing pilot who tried to jack up some 1v1s with their corp-noobies but nothing eventuated.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77176552/

End of day two -44M Isk, total -82M
Not a good day. Died twice before getting in a battle I should have stayed away from. IRL tired so called it early. Will spend a little longer looking for reasonable engagements tomorrow. Cutting down on the drinking/ship spinning beforehand may also help.

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.09 11:01

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Three
Perseverance is the only answer. Look out Tama.

Battle Eight: 0W 8L
Bounce around Tama for a while. Very quiet. Head for Kedama. Bounce back and forth between the novice and small plexes. Jumped in onto a Fed Navy Comet. Landed at 12km away. My tactics were to head lateral for transversal, manual pilot in to my scram range 7.5km then orbit/keep distance at about the same. He controlled range better, remaining at about 12km distance. I got confused with my crystals, loaded first gleam then multi-frequency. Didn't do a lot of damage, died. Even if died easily, I did actually have a bit of a plan. I also got a bit more familiar with laser crystals lol. I can feel improvement even if results don't necessarily show yet. Spent the flight back to Jita drinking cider.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77197748/

Battle Nine: 0W 9L
waited out downtime in a Tama station. When I relogged, there was a hawk (that's an assault frigate you know) hanging out in or near the novice plex. Nothing at the small. I thought I'd see if he was going to chase me. Sure enough, and I warped away. Then irl wife aggro distracted me, thought I'd warped when not. Hawk landed, attacked. Did make short work of me, fight lasted a lot longer than battle 2. Am I just getting more optimistic? Spent the flight back to Jita realising I don't need autopilot for route anymore.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77198165/

Battle Ten: 0W 10L
Took a look at New Caldari Prime, cos Lore. Jumped about a bit in Tama then Kedama. Nothing doing. Decided to go to Asakai, also cos Lore. Arrive in a faction war system, Nennamaila. Did a bit of dscanning, saw a caracal on the small. Decided to jump past it into the small plex cos fun. But then when I landed, I started to imagine bringing down a cruiser. I locked and attacked. After he locked, the missiles really had an impact. I thought my speed and direction and ship should have reduced application but it didn't seem to make a difference. It wasn't a lot of volleys before my modified Shrimpy went down. The other pilot even asked why didn't you run away?. Doesn't he know I'm the scourge of Tama. I say cos Fun. Spent the flight back to Jita wondering exactly how many ships I've forgotten to insure.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77198709/

Battle Eleven: 0W 11L
Last for tonight. Don't fly drunk. Well, only a little. Entered Tama. The Novice outpost is out of dscan range so I just warp in blind thinking I can just slide past anything there. But it doesnt work that way. Engaged by a Huginn. What the hell is that? Try to get in good range but can't. Webbed to a standstill. My aurora crystals (?) do some decent damage and I managed to get him past halfway shields - I thought that was ok. But I chatted the pilot after and he sent me the fit. Armor tanked lol dual webs too. Spent the flight back to Jita thinking how the Cruiser Down prize says "First to solo a cruiser" not "First to solo kill a cruiser", I've soloed three now, should get the prize.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77199216/

End of Day Three -58M ISK total -140M ISK
A bit happy with my progress. Still forget to deploy drones nearly everytime. Still died everytime. Still have only have a couple of T1 frigate engagements. But I'm going into fights with at least a little bit of a plan. I'm learning about different ships as they kill me. I've got 22 retributions down in Myyhera, that could let me fight faction frigs with a bit more of a chance - I don't really want to fit them all out just to lose them, they're a bit more expensive and even frig pvp at my level is expensive.
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Laethe Fooswa



Post 2019.06.09 11:13

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

saw you out fighting tonight... enjoying your AAR
fly dangerously o7

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.09 13:12

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Laethe Fooswa wrote:saw you out fighting tonight... enjoying your AAR
fly dangerously o7

Was I in a pod? Thinking of buying a skin because of the time I spend in it. Enjoying making the AAR, glad someone else is too

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.10 03:50

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Four
Did a bit of study. Kelon's how to PVP guide http://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1 ... sp=sharing and
the novice frigate yearbook https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z7dkJr ... 8Ha8Q/view
Started training science 4 and queued thermodynamics to 4, I never really understood overheating before but will have to try it now.

Battle 12 0W 12L
Have a bit of spare time this afternoon. Head to Tama. Warp 100km from a station to get a good dscan of the plexes. There's a gang fight, ashimmus against some cruisers. I wanted to warp in and maybe get on a killmail but they were 130km away, I burned out but the fight was quickly decided. See an atron in/near the novice plex. Finally a T1 1v1? I arrive, load multi crystals and jump in. I land 8km from it. Target, turn on webs/scrams/ab and lasers. Start clicking in space to try and manually spiral in. Got closer, switched to gleam and orbited at 500m. His guns are tearing me up so I decide to move back out to multi range and try the "scram kiting". I'm clicking in space trying to reverse the spiral but not doing a good job of getting away. Too late, I'm done. Felt like an actual fight, it's just a matter of time until I get a solo kill. I could have had a chance if I'd known that Atron was often brawly. Now I know. Still not too sure why my transversal speed doesn't seem to lead to reduced damage. Podded too, so no flight back to Jita.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77213905/

Battle 13 0W 13L
Back in Jita, i spring for a lancer implant +3% to small energy turrets. Little bit superstitious about implants but why not. Back in a modified shrimpy Tormentor. Back towards Tama. The atron is still there. This time I landed at 3.5 km, tried to pull range. Went down a bit quicker this time. Chatting to the opposite pilot, he said the first fight I was able to lock and fire quicker, doing more damage before his transversal came up. I didn't really feel I had any opportunity to get to an ideal range in the second fight so it makes sense. Spent the flight back to Jita crowing that my implant survived at least one fight.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77199216/

Battle 14 0W 14L
Real life for a couple of hours. Garage is now clean. Well, cleaner. Back to Tama, looking around, looking around. Play cat and mouse with a Worm for a bit, decide against the fight and leave for Kedema. Head for the novice site, no one there. So I hang about for a while, dscanning. A Fed Navy Comet approached. I wanted some action so faced him down. When he arrived, range was about 6km. I was fitted with multi but not sure whether to kite about 6-7km or approach. I kited and managed to deal out some damage, but his firepower outdid mine basically from the first volley I was in trouble. Should have started the repairer early. Spent the flight back to Jita thinking about getting more implants.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77215637/

Battle 15 0W 15L
Time for another run before dinner. First Tama, then Kedama, both no small frigs about. Went wandering, a couple of systems away there seemed to be some frigate action. A Merlin, a breacher and a malediction on dscan. The Merlin and the breacher were appearing near novice. I'd seen the Merlin pilot just before and someone in chat called them 'salty'. I thought that possibly he had no friends. Warped in, the Merlin was about 100km away and the breacher just jumped through the acceleration gate as I arrived. I decided to chase the breacher so I'd at least have some 1v1 time. Landed 8km, moved diagonally towards him while hitting lock, ab, web, scram, lasers and armour repairer. Got to orbit at 5km. Inflicting good damage while tanking a bit of his good damage. Forgot to launch drones and forgot to change to gleam crystals. Something I don't get, his shield repair seemed great but when I got him into armour, he managed to repair from half armour. Surely he couldn't have been tanked both ways? In the end I died but it was a much better fight than most I've had. Actually meant the "gf" as good fight. Spent the flight back to Jita looking at tormentor skins.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77216081/

Battle 16 0W 16L
Checked out zkillboard for fits of the previous pilot. Sure enough he uses double tanked breachers, medium shield booster and aar. I thought I had him when the shield went down too.
Anyways, bounced about the FW systems near Tama for about 30 min without spotting anything that I could fight with. Eventually ended up in Notoras, dscanning the small plex I see 2 hookbills and a firetail. Stupidly I thought the hookbills must be fighting with the firetail - what was I thinking? so jumped in to attack whoever was closest. So they weren't fighting and all attacked me at once. I died very quickly and my pod was in hull by the time i recovered enough to warp out. They laughed at me in local so I had to tell them next time I would get them all.

Spent the flight back from Jita drinking cider. Until my pod got popped right on Jita 4-4 docking. Why? Ouch my implant.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77217462/
killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77217539/

Battle 17 0W 17L
Replaced implant and headed back to Tama. Looking a lot more active this time about. The 'salty dude' was hanging out about the small in a bellicose, there was a couple of assault frigates about. I decided to attack salty dude but as I warped in on him, he warped out. There was loot and some t2 drones so I paid for my ship. Saw something landing on grid so warped off to station. It was a Tristan. Dropped loot off and headed back. He jumps in as I arrive and invites me in local to join him. Land about 4km away. Lock, launch drones, hit laser, web, scram and ab. Start orbit at 4km, even changed to gleam. I'm through the shield, through the armour, take him to about 80% hull, maybe little more. Then I cap out and realise he's neuting me. From there, I went down down down and popped. Really thought I had it that time. Think I followed my game plan correctly, actually remembered to do all the things I want to do upon engaging. It was fun and getting much closer to a kill, if i'm not being unreasonably optimistic. Got pod out and was on killmail for opponent's death. Spent the flight to Jita thinking how clever I was that I'd made a instadock bookmark. Found out I was so clever I made it at the wrong station.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77217780/
killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77217823/

Battle 18 1W 17L
Hooray, finally did it. Unrolled in an unusual way too. I saw the previous pilot on my way back to Tama, and when I scanned the small plex I saw his corpse. Swooped in and picked it up. Thought I'd be funny and contract it to him. When I docked up, I saw another corpse I'd scooped up. So I contracted them to the owners for 6.3 million each. Then I undock. The small plex has a Tristan in it, I think it's the same one as before. Reckon if I stay distant, like 20km, I should be out of nuet range. But the pilot wasn't who I thought it was, it was the owner of the other corpse!? Weird. Anyway, land at 20km away, set orbit to 20km, change to True Sansha's microwave, eject drones and switch on AB. Going well, every volley seems to take off more from them than from me. When I started to hit his hull, he burned off in the opposite direction and we were 35km away from each other. I clicked approach, changed aurora crystals and started to get closer. The Tristan popped when I was just into hull, about 80% or so. I immediately warped out, just as if I had lost the fight lol. Told the pilot that it was my first solo win and they bought their corpse of me, bonus.
Feeling rather pleased. Docked up to repair and bask until after DT.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77218219/

Battle 19 1W 18L
Relaxing downtime, enjoying my victory. Realised that the other pilot hadn't accepted my contract but rejected it. Very quiet after DT, looked around a bit then headed to Heydieles to see if any LSC were there. No one was. But in system there was a small plex, there was a tristan and a garmur about it. As I dscanned I saw the Tristan disappear and the comments in local. I thought the garmur might be wounded so warped in and jumped in. He wasn't wounded, kited me at about 25km the whole time and killed me easily. Lost my nice new shiny killmark too. Spent the flight to Jita wondering how much ISK I could make in faction war.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77218596/

Battle 20 1W 19L
Headed back to Tama to see wassup. Scooped up about 15M worth of drones in minutes. After dropping them off, saw a magnate in the novice plex. Thought it would be a great engagement for me. Landed at 4km, locked, drones, clicking in space, ab, web, scrams. Started knocking seriously into his armour. It was repping but decreasing steadily. I started to think about two kills in one day. Then his drones really started hitting me, he came into gleam range so I changed ammo, then he was out again. I didn't think to change ammo again. He's deep in hull when I explode. Even chat for a bit saying how close it was. Better range control would have helped me get him, kiting at scram range and I think I'd have got him. Spent the flight back to Jita resolving to read up on the LSC when finished for the day. Again, got podded on Jita 4-4 dock. Ouch, my implant.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77218854/
killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77218919/

End of Day Four: -106M ISK, -246M ISK total.
One solo kill. Very happy with today's progress. None of the T1 1v1 fights have felt like they were impossible to win. Even got my first solo kill, hooray. Still not up to challenging faction frigates or T2, possibly later. I'll be able to experiment with overheating tomorrow, might be able to do a bit more damage/tank a bit more. This will probably be the longest I can play this week so I'm glad I came away with a result.

Edhin Delphiki



Post 2019.06.10 14:28

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

This is riveting stuff here. I am cheering you on and I was excited when you got your first victory. If you recorded these encounters and posted them on YouTube, I would subscribe the same day just to watch this. It is a space I know I am weak in and I feel like I am with you in your logical approach to solo PvP. One of the many things I admire with your approach is your resourcefulness of gathering drones for PvP funding.

I wish you continued growth and success! =) I hope your next killmail is around the corner.

Warm Regards,

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.11 13:25

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Five:

thanks for the encouraging words, Edhin Delphiki. Abandoned drones are everywhere it seems. I think you could fund 2-3 frigates a day through drone recovery. Just after DT seems full of sad drones.

Battle 21 1W 20L
Was thinking about MWD fits earlier today. Wonder if they would help dictate range better than a AB. Stuck a MWD on a punisher just to see. Got to Tama. Looked around and warped in on a Lachesis at the small plex. Turns out a Lachesis isn't what I thought it was at all. It's not a t1 logi ship but a T2 cruiser. I went down quickly. A bit brutal in fact. Didn't really get to terms with the MWD, not enough time. Poor ship identification, over-eager to have a figh, bit of a waste. Spent the flight back to Jita eating chocolate.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77234088/

Battle 22 1W 21L
Waited out DT, headed back to Tama. Back in a tormentor, getting used to it and it's a recommended fit, not too sure about the punisher fit. Very quiet after DT, I think I had Tama all to myself for a bit, Kedama also for longer periods. Docked up to take a short rest, drink, smoke before going on a tour towards the actual destination of LSC (they moved). Didn't get far, hit a system called Fliet. Saw a catalyst messing around between a close group of plexes. Looked at the pilot, only 8 days old. Arrgh, I'm a pirate. Tracked him down in the small plex. Warped in, try to lock target and dropped drones. He warps out before target lock. Look at me, I'm chasing destroyers around. Good dscan practice, we play a really fun game of cat and mouse. Then I notice a tormentor at the small plex.

It's been over an hour since DT and I want to fight. Give up on the catalyst and warp/enter the small plex. He's gone but on 1AU dscan. I orbit the hub thingy, drop drones and wait. Sure enough, he warps in. That's when I make mistakes. I lock the hub thingy and attempt to shoot it. That brings up a dialogue window that takes time to shut. I finally lock him, I'm already past half armour but he's got no shields either. Then I realise I never loaded the nanite repair paste in my armour repairer. Doing damage but can't repair the damage he's doing. He's low armour, I'm hull then pop. Warp out. It must have been pretty close despite my ineptitude, the other pilot seemed quite excited about the fight. Spent the flight back to Jita thinking about a pre-flight checklist, name, insurance, load and stack guns, load nanite paste.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77234649/

End of Day Five, -21M ISK, -267M ISK total.
Not much action today. Bit tired too. Best thing about today was chasing around that Catalyst, such great fun. I was going to get him too, could taste the blood lol. Worst thing was forgetting to load the armour repair, pretty sure that cost me the fight. Well, that or my targeting incompetence. Also I forgot totally about overheating anything, my new Thermodynamics 3 is going unused. I think I'm still improving a number of areas, no real evidence but my confidence level is improving at the least. I'll be back to wreck Tama tomorrow.

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.12 11:00

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Six:

I read a few times that if you want to learn pvp, get 20 frigates, go out and lose them all. I'm at 21 now. Have learnt a lot, still have a lot to learn. Maybe once I get to 50 frigates.

Battle 23 1W 22L
Bye Jita, hello Tama. At the novice plex, a pair of hookbills inside. I'll pass. As I warp off, a Thrasher lands. I check out characters age and it's a youngish character, 2mths iirc. I get some delusions of "Destroyer Killer" so warp back and engage. Unfortunately, delusions are all I have. Attempt to orbit in close, get chewed up by his guns, I was trying to kite out a bit when the neuts capped me out. Shortly after, another Tormentor bites the dust. No destroyer down today. Spent the flight back to Jita wondering if confidence is a double-edged sword.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77249876/

Battle 24 1W 23L
Wait out DT in Jita, drinking again. Fly off to have a look at Heydieles again. All the lowsec area around Tama is very quiet. Spent more than an hour hunting around, looking for any suitable engagement. Just so quiet tonight. Eventually go back to Tama, just bouncing around the small and novice plexes, dscanning to see what I can pick up. I warp to a small plex and land right on top of a Loki. Try to hit accelerator gate but he's locked and is dishing out damage. Dead in seconds, no match at all. Spent the flight back to Jita yawning mostly.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77250739/

End of Day Six -26M, total -293M ISK
Very low content day. Only started half hour before DT and then about 90min after. Low population in the Tama area tonight. I think I only saw one other T1 frigate after DT, he was fleeing not fighting. Oh well, try again tomorrow, maybe there'll be something going on then.

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.13 13:21

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Seven:
Got started late, only about 30 from downtime. Make active into a tormentor and head off to Tama.

Battle 25 2W 23L
Warp around Tama for a bit, dscanning and trying to figure out what is what. I warp @100km from a random structure and while I'm there a Worm undocks. I warp to the novice plex and enter, he follows. He lands at 6.5 km, I hit everything properly, orbit, lock, drones, web, scrams, repairer. Feels good. Maintaining the range really well, really happy he landed at a range for the multifrequency crystals I already had loaded. His shield is ticking down well enough, I'm in armour but repping really well. Start to think I could get him if there's no surprises. Surprise, a Loki appears, maybe cloaked? Bang, the Worm is in hull, Bang it's dead. I'm really surprised, wtf is a Loki doing inside a novice plex. Then the Loki targets me...

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77264890/
This does count as a kill for the competition? We engaged and I killed him with a third party gatecrashing the party, I think it meets the rules but if it doesn't, I'll not count it. Feels like it should count but either way, feels pretty great.

Battle 26 2W 24L
I target the Loki as it targets me, start shooting. I get hit a couple of times, down into hull. I'm shooting away at it, knocking down the shield a little by little. The Loki stops shooting at me, I keep shooting at it. Breaking the shield tank slowly, are Lokis shield tanked? Then the Loki starts shooting at me again. Bang, dead within a couple of volleys. Warp out pod. Notice it's the same pilot from battle 24 yesterday, maybe he slept here. Spend the flight back to Jita wondering if hiding a Loki in fw plexes could get you rich

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77264892/

Battle 27 3W 24L
Have a rest after downtime before heading out. Normal route now is to head Tama, Kedama and then towards Heydieles (is it LSC HQ or not?). On the way, I run across a small plex with 6 merlins inside. I warp in and straight out, they ignore me. Get to Nisuwa. Dscanning the small plex, it's got a daredevil and an incursus inside. Then just an incursus. Then nothing. I warp to the gate and wait for a lttle. The incursus warps in, enter/slides into the plex. I follow. Again, everything goes pretty well activating everything. Even get drones out too. Pretty good fight from me, i think, again kept at scram range of 6.5-7km, already fitted multifrequency. Beating down each other but I'm getting the better of it. I'm just over half hull when the incursus dies. Hooray, twice today, I'm a pirate all right.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77265500/

Battle 28 3W 25L
Just as the incursus dies, a tristan arrives on grid, like within a second/two. I engage him and go through my startup, I do all the clicks before realising I didn't lock target. Do it all again. Trying to scram kite again but can't really keep close enough, the tristan has the range control over me. It seems like in no time, the range has gone from 5km to 30km. Change crystals to aurora, my attacks are affecting the shields but I'm damaged from the first fight, not going to last too long at all. Then a Fed Navy Comet arrives on grid. Attacks me and my poor beaten tank can't deal with 2v1. Boom and pod warp out. Spend the flight back to Jita thinking about whether it's possible to move up to faction frigs in a while.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77265507/

the tristan also killed the FNC.
killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77265528/

End of Day Seven
-26M ISK, -319M total, ships destroyed total 216M
I don't know how to calculate ISK efficiency

That's starting to look a bit more balanced, if my worm kill counts anyway. I felt good in all engagements today, didn't have a chance against the Loki but all the others were fun and I had a fighting chance. The tristan really easily pulled range on me, I don't really know how/why, was mwd maybe? - can't see any fits on the pilots page but the pilot looks a lot more leet than me. Easy to find good content tonight, was really enjoyable and I came away with results. It feels like I get the initial moments of engagement according to plan much more often now. Still haven't remembered to overheat anything, will be Thermodynamics 4 tomorrow.

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.14 09:31

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Eight
Did a bit more reading, the frigate balance guide. Vs T1 frigates, the tormentor looks good.

Battle 29 3W 26L
Straight out to Tama, looking for a fight. Stupidly take on a fight with a fed navy comet, bad decision just because I was excited to get started. Orbited at 6km, did everything except drop drones i think. Still burnt down quite quickly. Not a good fight or a good idea.

killmail here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/77277816/

Battle 30 3W 27L
Toyed with the idea of fitting up a retribution but with the competition being for nearly another week, i'll leave off. Solo pvp is quite expensive, in ISK and in time, and I don't want to run out of resources too early. Can always plex I suppose but I planned 500M. Maybe I'll step up to a destroyer instead, I've got destroyers 5. Anyway, luckily I didn't fly a drastically move expensive ship because GATECAMP. In Tama, on the entry gate. First death to a battleship for me, not very fair but what do you expect. Spent the flight back to Jita feeling salty about gatecamps. Maybe I'll start gatecamping.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77278040/

Battle 31 3W 28L
Realised I'm out of cider, dash off to the supermarket. Maybe the gatecamp has gone? I'll go another direction to be sure. Went the 14jump route and bounced around Tama for a bit. Chase a rifter of a v new character. Lose it. Look around the system, bouncing. Find the Rifter heading towards a novice plex. I warp in, jump the gate and engage. It's going really well, he's scratching my shields and I've got him in armor. Just about there, and a Daredevil warps in, targets me, kills me, targets the rifter, kills the rifter. Kill snatching so-and-so. Bad luck he targeted me first i guess. Spent the flight back to Jita ruing my luck, will burn a small offering before going out again.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77278457/
killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77278458/

Battle 32 3W 29L
The gatecamp in Tama had dissolved previously, head straight there. There's a worm in the novice plex, the same daredevil pilot is there. There's a punisher on dscan, i'd quite like to fight a punisher just to see. I warp to the small plex, the daredevil lands almost on top of me. I warp to the star at 70. Scan around on dscan and the daredevil lands right next to me. I fought back but it was pretty one sided. Same pilot twice in a row and he stole a sure kill. Is that what you call content? Spent the flight back to Jita looking the map for some other option. No way, I'm going back to Tama

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77278652/

Battle 33 4W 29L
Straight back to Tama. Looking around, I see a magnate at the Large plex. Warp there and see him warp inside, follow, engage and it doesn't even fight back. Quickly killing it. Looking at the killmail, it was possibly someone's alt.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77278768/

Battle 34 4W 30L
As the Magnate dies, that same bloody Daredevil lands on grid. I spam warp but it's no good. I'm caught. I try to keep range but I'm webbed and it's not very good. Actually knock him down to about 80% armour before my ship gives it up. Warp out, leaving him my salvage and a witty gf. There's not many tools to tell you exactly how well you did in a fight but the amount of damage it takes to kill you shows up on zkillboard. For the three fights vs the Daredevil, the damage has increased each time, showing that I'm lasting longer. If that is correct use of zkillboard ofc. Spent the flight back to Jita checking that pilot's fits, know your enemy.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77278773/

Battle 35 4W 31L
Nice long break for dinner and a couple of drinks. Decided to seize the day and fly a destroyer. Just to see, you know. I fit out a coercer. Take off out to Tama. Straight away try to approach a punisher in the novice plex - totally forgetting that destroyers can't get in. After looking around, I pop a small plex, warp and enter it. Within about 30s, a Fed Navy Comet warps to gate and enters. This is what I wanted, to see if destroyers destroy faction frigates. The Comet lands 7km away from me, which is good for my ranges. I lock and web, begin firing. Bit different than flying the frigate but not ridiculously different. I'm trying to kite at 7km but not doing a fantastic job. I'm taking the worst of the damage. Then I manage to get to range and I start dishing out the larger portion. We're both in hull and boom. I thought I'd won but it was me in my pod. Got really confused and nearly didn't warp out in time. So close, I think one volley would have been the difference. Spent the flight back to Jita feeling pretty satisfied with my first destroyer solo pvp.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77279822/

End of Day Eight
-81M ISK, -400M total, ships destroyed 225M ISK

One pretty easy kill, another one stolen away, and almost a first kill with a destroyer. Not too bad. My destroyer fit was about 16M compared to the Fed Navy Comet at 51M - and it came very close to killing it. With a bit more practice, it should be definitely possible to engage faction frigs. Not too sure about the coercer fit. dual webs sound pretty cool. Missing a prop mod was a bit weird. Was quite fun to try it. Think I'll still stick to the tormentors mostly though, t1 solo has been great fun so far and I'd like to rack up a bit more experience before the end of the comp.

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.15 13:20

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Nine
Here we go with my brand new beam laser specialisation IV

Battle 36 4W 32L
Off to Tama. No frigates flying around. Try Kedama, same story. Made a couple of tactical bookmarks. Into Hirri, there's a novice plex close to the gate, inside is a rifter called rifter. Sounds good to me, I warp to and jump inside. Engage the rifter, suddenly there's three ships on grid, all with names I've never even heard of. I managed to remember overheating everything but little help. The ships that got me were a Hydra, a Virtuoso and a Chremoas. I've never seen or read about any of them, quite an amazing display. After warping out, instead of gf, I had to type "wow". Spent the flight back to Jita reading about covert ops ships.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77296606/

Battle 37 4W 33L
Only about 15min left until DT. Head to Tama. There's another rifter called rifter sitting in novice plex. I stay away. Warp around a bit, eventually warp into the small. While I'm mucking around by the gate, a retribution warps in. Lands 12km from me, I try to warp but he's got me stuck. He moves out to 20km and starts shooting. I drop drones, change to Microwave crystal and start hitting him. I didn't expect anything but I'm doing pretty good damage. We both hit armour and my saar is repping all the damage each cycle. His armour is depleting faster than mine. It's looking very like I'm going to beat an assault frigate. And then he jumps the gate and is gone. I lol in local, he says he didn't want to use his drugs before downtime. Sure I say, feeling like a giant killer, an assault frigate needing drug boost to compete with a T1 noob pilot. I wouldn't have got him unless he was determined to die though, his range control was far past my scrams. Waited out DT logged in Tama.

Same pilot asks if I want to fight. Of course I do, I'm going to get him. He's outside the novice so I warp in, drop drones and engage. It's an entirely different story this time, he's way out of my league. Just hitting his armour when I pop. Chatting to the pilot after the fight, he said that he applied better transversal by flying out so my orbit/approach would be at a straight line, easy to hit and apply to. Also reckons AF OP af. Spend the flight back to Jita looking at retribution fits. Got podded at jita dock.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77297076/

Battle 38 4W 34L
Got caught by a Dramiel while playing silly cat-mouse games. Thought I was impacting him then suddenly he seemed to rep everything. It wasn't totally one-sided but I don't think I was ever going to win. Spent the flight back to Jita thnking that stupid games win stupid prizes.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77297401/

Battle 39 5W 34L
Nothing in Tama, head for Kedama. There's a kestrel at the sun, I land about 140km away and just burn towards it. It burns towards me. Hooray, they want to fight. Get close quick. Try to manual pilot in to 7km, don't know how well it worked but I was able to orbit at 6km and attack very well. I began the attack, seemed to be knocking through the shields. I remember reading that the fastest recharge time is 30-40% so when it hit about there, I did something I've never done before. I overheated my guns. Just for a couple of cycles but it made enough difference that he started bleeding through to armour. I was still getting hit though, my armour was about 30% as well, so I overheat my saar and boom, coming back to full armour quickly. Once his shield was down, it was only matter of time. For the first time ever, I also got the pod too. And the loot as well. Pretty happy with performance during this fight, didn't misclick or forget anything. fistpump.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77297846/
killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77297888/

Battle 40 5W 35L
It's bedtime so I engaged a Vexor just to see. Turns out frig vs cruiser is a hard task. Never had a chance. Bit of a waste. Told other pilot I nearly had them. I might be able to break a non-active tank on a cruiser but my tormentor can't tank the cruiser damage. Maybe if I got better? Spent the flight back to Jita going through invasion space, the hisec jumps are all invasion systems right now.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77298310/

End of Day Nine
-52M, total -452M, ships destroyed 233M

Nice days play. Got blapped by some T2 ships I'd never even heard of. Learnt a lesson about assault frigates and transversal. Lost a game of cat-mouse. Won a solo T1 frigate fight. Used thermodynamics. Killed a pod. Got some loot. Need to use manual piloting more, much more and study tactics. Need to be a bit more discerning about which fights taken - need to read the frigate balance yearbook again, great info. Need a bit more study on overheating/thermodynamics. Need more skills, way too many skills at 3. Need more IRL skill in general too. I feel the IRL skill is probably the most important. I think I might be getting a bit more skilled; I'm definitely getting more experienced anyway.

Friday Sirober



Post 2019.06.16 10:47

Re: [AAR] Friday Sirober - Solo comp

Day Ten
Pirate time.

Battle 41 5W 36L
Decide to try out my fitting skills with what's in my inventory of stuff. Repurpose my unused bestower as a camoflaged gotcha. A battle Bestower. I'll muck around near a novice plex in my industrial ship and see if I can catch someone weak tanked. Keep them in range and peck away at them. Not fully serious but there's always a chance, right? First jump from Jita land into a PIRAT gatecamp, a bunch of flashy proteuses and a daredevil who I target. Targeting is slow in a battle Bestower. Web and scram it, get a little distracted when I go to activate drones but there's no drone window. Oh, that's because there's no drones. Ha, a battle Bestower needs no drones. My 26dps is getting through his shield amazingly enough. I only brought a small armour repair, not really useful. I overheat the rack but I'm still going down. I'm through the daredevil's shields but the battle Bestower is history. I warp out and type "nearly" in local. The daredevil pilot quickly started protesting in local about being armour tanked but everyone in system knew that the battle Bestower had won the moral victory. Spent the flight back to Jita looking at the cost of medium trimarks, didn't realise that.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77317206/

battle 42 5W 37L
Fitted up a couple of retribution, maybe t2 before factions. Went flying just before DT and for a long time after. Pretty quiet, can't find anyone to fight with. Jump through a few systems and it's the same all about. Back to Tama, warp and enter into the small plex and wait for a while, dscanning. An Ishkur heads in. I don't know much about them, except drone boat. He was also packing neuts. I got him into low armour before capping out and getting killed. So much for my step up to assault frigates. I may practice more. Spend the flight back to Jita thnking about ISK efficiency.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77318219/

Battle 43 5W 38L
Spend some time looking around Tama for a decent engagement. There's a Navy Slicer chasing me about the system. Finally he leaves me alone and I find a rifter in a novice plex. Looks good so I jump in. Engage. I'm shooting and drones and it seems like I'm just not dealing a lot of damage and I don't have a lot of range control, he's faster than me too. Soon the Navy Slicer arrives, pretty much just in time to jump onto the killmail. Spent the flight back to Jita reading the uniwiki page on Rifters.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77318707/

Battle 44 5W 39L
Again, straight back to Tama. I can see why people become lowsec pirates, it's really good fun. Find the same Rifter in the same plex. Why not? I join him and we engage. I'm doing a bit better with range this time. Trying to throw in some clicking in space. I'm not winning though. In fact, I keep not winning until my ship explodes. His ship is about 75% in armour. Have a long chat with the other pilot who is more experienced than myself. He shared a whole lot of fits and tips. Spent the flight back to Jita looking at the rifter fit which he claimed has 18k ehp for him, no wonder I couldn't get past his armour. On the other hand, that 25% of armour is about 4.5k damage which is enough to kill many T1 fits.

killmail here https://zkillboard.com/kill/77318986/

End of Day Ten
-164M ISK, total -616M ISK, ships destroyed 233M

Very ISK negative day. Enjoyed flying my battle Bestower, will have to do that again. Did enjoy flying the retribution. It will be expensive if I try to learn to fly retribution the same way I'm learning how to fly tormentor. Couple of good fights against a huge tank rifter and plenty of information from the other pilot. Chatting with the pilots who just blew you up - such an amazing learning tool and they are interested in helping nearly 100% of the time. A great resource. Anyway back to tormentors tomorrow

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