[AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam Jan 10, 2018

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Rohan Amadeus



Post 2018.01.11 05:08

[AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam Jan 10, 2018

Kitey Kestrels

Alright. so due to Calder having hardware issues, it fell to me to take over the fleet as 2ic from the beginning. Before I go any further, if you have feedback, please let me know. Would love to learn more about what I did wrong to fix it, and potentially what you liked about the fleet.

So here we go:

Roam members (30) - NOTE: This may not include everyone that was on fleet because I didn't remember to ask everyone to 'x' up
Aiden Chance
Atticus Vex
Auric Fulcrum
Bobby Hakoke - Vanguard
Calder Ormand - FC
DonkeyPunch Udan
Efrim Finnegan
Gemma Solett
Glen Burney
Harai Rex
Jax Renalard - Vanguard
Klue Pythious
Kontxesi Buchanan - Scout
Lady Hestia
Marn Vermuldir - Vanguard
Mike North - Scout
Raxon Noseworthy - 3ic
Rohan Amadeus - 2ic
Space Warfare Development
Sunshine Gracchus
Susan Wulf
Turlough Dominian
Vrix Torqueo
Willow K
Wokum - Vanguard
Zako Maken

Destination was set to Eha and away we went - basically everything went normal and well, trading a few ships here and there on the way to Eha.

(01:57:19) Agoze
Algos +3.96m

(02:02:25) Vey, Frarie
Atron +11.62m
Executioner -14.51m
Worm +95.21m
Kestrel -6.6m

(02:14:43) Oicx
Dramiel +126.23m
Kestrel -5.44m

(02:21:33) Eha
Executioner -12.53m
Punisher +7.02m
Tristan +6.32m

At this point, we turned our attention with a new desto to Nennamaila: We went in to try to grab a flycatcher among gamurs and other small ships, so I had the fleet go straight to the plex to try to grab the flycatcher. Unfortunately, the garmur was able to take down a few of us before a machariel warped on grid. I didn't like that they were upshipping and the fact that we were unable to point the flycatcher or gramur and getting picked off one by one, so I had the fleet scatter.

(02:38:49) Nennamaila
Republic Fleet Firetail -31.6m
Punisher -11.03m
Condor -5.81m

New desto: Ichoriya - dock up and take a break. While we were taking a break, space joined us and reported that there was a flashy Eos sitting on the Ichoriya gate and seemed to be waiting to kill someone. Glen offered to get into a stabber fleet issue to get a nice solid hold on him. So we waited for the fleet to get back from break and had the fleet sit on the Aki- gate in Ichoriya while Glen went in to see if he could engage. Eos engaged Glen, fleet jumped in and attacked, pulsing the overheat. We lost a kestrel - not sure how the merlin died, but we took down the Eos. We basically insured our fleet was isk positive. haha...

(02:52:56) Nennamaila, Akidagi
Merlin -12.59m
Kestrel -10.66m
Eos +977.55m

At this point, I asked if the fleet wanted to head back or to go out roaming a bit longer - people voted to fight on, so new desto and waypoints were set: Kinakka, Iralaja, Vlillirier, and then back home to Stacmon V-9. On the way, we caught a catalyst before something interesting happened in Martoh.

(03:13:50) Martoh
Catalyst +7.03m

It was reported that there was Chimera in system along with a machariel and other ships. After killing the catalyst, it was noticed that the Chimera had their fighters out near the Eha gate and that's also where the Machariel and other ships were. So I sent one of the scouts over to report what was happening. Kontxesi reported back that they were indeed fighting each other. I was trying to figure out how to make this work when Coaxster reported he was at a ping about 400-500km off gate. So we warped over there. At this point, we're all still trying to figure out what to do when Glen taught the group basically how to whore in on the Chimera kill. We warped down to the gate, aligned out, shot the chimera once, warp out and then went back to Glen. So the majority, if not all that were there, were able to get in on the kill; sadly, we did lose a pilot, but it was a suicide run because he wanted to get in on the kill and was pointed before he was able to get out. We weren't sure if the Chimera was breaking, but Coax noticed that the Chimera was in armor so we aligned out, but stuck around on grid to watch the end of the Chimera. Their machariel was bumping the Chimera that was trying to get back to gate the entire time and was very successful at it.

Question that was asked and we weren't sure about: If we shot the Chimera and left system, do we still appear on the killmail? We know that if the Chimera left system, we wouldn't be, but would the opposite hold true? If someone knows, please let us know.

(03:24:35) Martoh
Kestrel -18.72m
Chimera +1408.03m

After we watched the Chimera pop, we moved on and warped to the Kinnaka gate. At which point I was trying to get some space between us and the fleet that took down the Chimera, so I had the fleet jump into Kinnaka not realizing we had to go back to Martoh and go through Eha to get home.

Props to the fleet for listening and not even questioning my orders. Bless their hearts.

We went back into Martoh and had our scouts reporting about the Eha gate and it seemed there were a few ships still on gate. So crossing my fingers, I had the fleet warp to the gate and jump on contact in hopes that we weren't going to get caught. We made it through, and moved onto the next system after that to put a little bit of space between us and that ugly, ugly fleet. We ended up Renarelle and had a blackbird jump onto gate. A few of us immediately locked him up and I had fleet hold dps, and sent vanguard to the other side and wait to see what the blackbird would do. Blackbird sat on the gate for a bit, and we started applying some dps to him before he jumped into Oicx where some of the fleet was waiting. However, as we were starting to lock him up, the Chimera-killing fleet was catching up to us. Being that fleet was split up with some of us on one side due to combat timers, and the other half on the other side of the gate, I had fleet on both sides of the gate scatter. Unfortunately, we lost two ships in the madness.

Mother nature was not forgiving of our 'torpedo frigate.' Rain and flooding caused his internet to go out and the rest is as we say...on zkill.

(03:32:49) Eha, Martoh
Merlin -7.23m
Nemesis -120.64m
Capsule -0.01m

Luckily the Chimera fleet was going to Ald and we were able to get the fleet back together. Scout was sent into Renarelle, and they found a maulus and two tristans sitting at 0 on the gate. Maulus and one of the tristans started attacking our scout, so scout pointed them back and it seems between the fleet and the gate guns... pop goes the campers. 2nd tristan was pointed and taken down even though he didn't aggress.

(03:41:19) Renarelle
Maulus +13.1m
Tristan +6.51m
Capsule +42.95m
Tristan +10.42m
Capsule +0.01m

We made it back and had a pretty good fleet. This was my first big uni fleet and I had a lot of fun. Lots to learn from this.

ISK Destroyed: 2,715,951,731.03
ISK Lost: 257,372,591.65
ISK Delta: 2,458,579,139.38
Efficiency: 91.344%

Things to do better:
+Make sure that the scout is better equipped against the person they're going to tackle. I started applying this by having a griffin show up at the site alongside the scout. The scout was able to survive, but that was also due to their own flying skill because drones were still on her.

+Need to learn how to look at maps a bit better and make sure I'm not having fleet jump back into a potentially dicey situation because I couldn't figure out that the system we were leaving was the system we were headed back into to get home.

+Need to make sure I find out where some ships are in relation to the plex. The flycatcher and garmur losses could have been potentially avoided and that was my fault all the way.
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Post 2018.01.11 05:29

Re: [AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam

Great fleet. Thanks Rohan, had a blast. And thanks Glen for the juicy killmail.

Decklin Quark Reiger



Post 2018.01.11 11:31

Re: [AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam Jan 10, 2018

Rohan Amadeus wrote:+Make sure that the scout is better equipped against the person they're going to tackle.

Yes this is important

Rohan Amadeus wrote:I started applying this by having a griffin show up at the site alongside the scout.

Well, this would keep your scout alive, but it does have a tendency to scare away fights that you would be able to engage. I wouldn't recommend it.

Rohan Amadeus wrote:The scout was able to survive, but that was also due to their own flying skill because drones were still on her.

This is key. Your scouts have a challenging job, and their own piloting skill and situational awareness is huge. Many times the best way to keep a scout alive is to send two or even three scouts together so they can trade off. When one gets in danger, then can pull away and warp off, while the other holds tackle. ( Assuming they don't get scrammed)

Kontxesi Buchanan



Post 2018.01.11 16:16

Re: [AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam Jan 10, 2018

I think the fact that I survived was due more to the Dramiel pilot's lack of skill than to any excess of it on my part. Or he was toying with me.
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Glen Burney


Campus Manager
Campus Manager

Post 2018.01.11 19:35

Re: [AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam Jan 10, 2018

It was an excellent fleet, and great fleet commands from the FC. I was proud of everyone handling themselves well against gate guns in many instances. As a group we are getting really good at aggressing, warping off, and warping back. Yarr!

Space Warfare Development



Post 2018.01.11 20:09

Re: [AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam Jan 10, 2018

Bring a bomber to a frigate fleet, it's a good wildcard to play.
"Oh yeah, we have a bomber in fleet." No pressure right?

I apologize for my gross miscalculation in dps.
My estimate on damage, not knowing the target's defenses, was based on my adjusted torpedo explosion radius (from 450m down to 217m) vs. an Eos signature radius 300m, well within the accepted 100% torpedo damage zone. The Eos pilot has not lost a battlecruiser before, so intel was scarce.
Originally I guessed an Eos had 38,000 ehp, this guy had over 68,000 ehp.
Originally I estimated applying 15,000 damage, I actually applied only 6,000 damage.
That Eos had two Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane (2 x -22.5% = -45% thermal damage resistance), which reduced my Dread Guristas Inferno torpedo damage from adjusted (modules, skills drugs and implants) 1118 damage to 700 damage each.
The Eos had one 50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive, but I believe it was not activated, otherwise his signature radius would have bloomed (300m x 500% = 1500m) and any torpedo hit would have dealt a full 1118 damage each.

My ship was destroyed due to real world rain and flooding in my area, caused the internet to disconnect while I was at the Eha gate. I rebooted, my ship was uncloaked 2000km from the gate, seriously, disrupted and destroyed, I hate floods.
Lessons learned, warp to a safer than safe safe after the fleet is safely away, and decoy bad guys when internet connectivity is stable.

"Clean clones!"
"Ah, yes. (waves fingers) There is nothing to see here. We don't have any implants. Move along."

Klue Pythious



Post 2018.01.11 23:47

Re: [AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam Jan 10, 2018

Second UNI fleet and felt like a good one. There was alot of action and I asked ALOT of questions (Special shout out to Kontxesi for constantly helping me WHILE scouting).

Newbie perspectives:

First FC Calder threw up all the helpful gifs I needed before undock, silenced the mumble chatter and gave an excellent short crash course in import fleet operation details. that plus the intro to fleets lecture and subsequent patrol fleet I went on last weekend made me feel like I could fumble my way through the FC's commands. Fleets are complicated at first (this ain't no 5 man dungeon fantasy MMO).

I also really appreciate Calder making sure there were plenty options for contracts in Stac. I was able prepare easily unlike some fleets I have been interested in joining (due to my not alpha, but still low skills).

It was awesome that another FC stepped up to keep the fleet happening, I was excited. And then BOOM everything starting happening at 100mil m/s and I got lost pretty quick. A little tiny bit more attention could have been paid to us newbies, and making sure we understand where we are going, would help.

About 1/4 of the way through I decided I had more questions than I had time to type in fleet chat. I asked if we could setup a newbie subchannel I could join and whisper questions in throughout the fleet.

I think this would be a really really good idea for fleets with even just a handful of newbies. Have a subchannel with all of us newbs in there with just 1 or two experienced players where we can ask questions and get answers fast. We don't always have time to wait for a reply in fleet channel to "whos name did he just say?" and "what does XYZ stand for?" before it is too late and we have been left behind, missing some action or getting caught by a chasing party.

So again, shout out to Kontxesi and Marn for letting me join there scout channel to do just that.

Highlight of my night = https://zkillboard.com/kill/67212120/ . That - watch an epic fight from the sidelines - then - warp in shoot warp out - to - back to watching, had me giggling.

Thanks for the sweet fleet all

Rohan Amadeus



Post 2018.01.12 02:52

Re: [AAR] Kitey Kestrel - Lowsec Roam Jan 10, 2018

Thanks, Wokum!


Decklin -
Well, this would keep your scout alive, but it does have a tendency to scare away fights that you would be able to engage. I wouldn't recommend it.

I actually had sent a second non-uni pilot in at the request of the first scout and had only sent in the griffin as an afterthought. In a sense, it was lucky that I did because the 2nd pilot ended up disconnecting and the scout had a greater chance of dying before the fleet could have reached her. So in this particular scenario, it actually worked out for the best.

I completely understand that people will run away from fights if a griffin is involved, but the idea is to send the griffin mainly if it's just one ship in the plex. This way the scout won't die in a 1v1 scenario. If there's more than one, the griffin will probably be popped off the field really quickly and it wouldn't make sense to have them fly in just to die.


Kontxesi - Yeah, it might have been a weird mixture of everything together. Just take the compliment, gosh darn it! Gosh!


Glen - Thanks for the kind words and I enjoyed my first time FC'ing. Sink or swim, right? :D


Space - no worries at all man. You found the Eos for us as content to begin with and honestly, only one ship got blown up, that's not bad at all. We were going to stay on grid regardless if it was 30k ehp or 80k ehp - that Eos was going down! hahaha.... Bummer that your power went out. I vaguely recall you saying that now that you mentioned it. Always appreciate a 'torpedo frigate' with the fleet.


Klue - Sorry about not answering more questions and yeah, I moved the fleet at a pretty quick pace. I was focusing more on trying to find content and getting us in and out alive, than I was focused on what was being asked in fleet. I relied pretty heavily on the other experienced players to handle that and I'm glad your questions were answered.

To be honest, I was kind of wondering why there weren't more questions from newbies on the fleet, but it seems it was more because I had tunnel vision. hahaha... I'll definitely try to do better about that in the future.

Re: newbie chat, I think that's definitely something that people should be able to do for you. In all honesty, I think it actually benefits the fleet as a whole to be reminded of certain things because we all forget sometimes or misheard something. So I would say to just post the question and fleet or ask on comms when intel or the FC isn't trying to say something. Never hesitate to ask a question in fleet, we are all here to learn. Glad to have had you with us.

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