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Glen Burney


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Campus Manager

Post 2017.10.11 16:31

[AAR] [LSC] [NSC] Herpaderp

This is a quick QRF type AAR, so no soundtrack or meme.

First I got on Spectre comms and someone was running a Probe fleet <?!> and then someone else volunteered to insurance fraud their obelisk. I'm gonna include it here so that the stats are all juiced up:

(01:07:08Z) Kamela
Obelisk +1272.34m

I was just planning playing around in Ostingele with a Battle Exequorer, and Budda then others asked to join. So we wandered around in some very UNI-like kitchen sink: Exeq, Vexor, Bomber with torpedos, a Procurer with a covert cyno meant to bring in a combat Sin that was on standby. We also had an Astero and Stratios. We were in NSC Standing Fleet and NSC Comms most of the time until the very end.

My plan was this: Call a central system (say, Agoze), then send out people to surrounding systems to hunt. The bait cruisers would just bait on gates (maybe 10 off). If anything happened we would all converge. If it was small stuff, just kill it. Turns out there was a group of like 5 ventures, unfitted, that were trying to plex... So you'll see alot of those kills.

Some of our fleet got killed on gates by gate guns. C'mon now! The whole thing with gate guns is to USE them to your advantage! In any case I got alot of loot from the fleet, so if you lost something and want some extra SRP, send me a link to the loss in-game.

(01:50:08Z) Iges
Procurer +33.13m

(02:18:34Z) Agoze, Vey, Loes
Venture +0.2m
Venture +0.2m
Venture +0.2m
Incursus -4.38m
Nemesis -135.02m
Imperial Navy Slicer -35.26m
Nereus +1.68m
Capsule +0.01m

(02:38:22Z) Intaki
Venture +0.2m

(03:04:13Z) Ostingele
Venture +0.2m

(03:09:53Z) Agoze
Venture +0.2m
Nemesis -112.77m

I think that Nemesis was a gift, so I'm not gonna SRP it, but you lost it to rats, which is brilliant.

Oh BABY! We had just come back from hunting that dead Placid Loop and then up to Pain and Reynire, and a succubus started to play with us in OST. We had 2 frigates and my Exeq for a while chasing him, and he did a good job staying at range, but his eyes got big and I think he thought I was a baby Exeq. Sorry buddy, you just entered a WORLD of pain! My medium neut put alot of pressure on him, and it was just a matter of making sure he didn't get away. And he didn't! After the loss the first thing he posted in local is "Petition Submitted".

(03:22:36Z) Agoze
Incursus -34.84m
Succubus +445.18m

We got an astero with the Sin in Agoze? Did not realize:

(03:30:33Z) Agoze
Astero +181.39m

Budda did a great job tackling this Viator, who did a bad:

(03:44:36Z) Aubenall
Atron -2.62m
Viator +220.68m

(04:02:24Z) Uphallant
Venture +0.2m

As I hopped of NSC comms (and Budda went to his glorious detiny in Tama), I heard tales in LSC comms of a Stratios in Dastryns. A Jackdaw sacrifice was deemed sufficient:

(04:10:17Z) Dastryns
Jackdaw -115.69m
Stratios +277.75m

Then, after a little break, there were some games in OST. The Stratios pilot was somewhat involved, and the Domi's Falcon Friend landed too late (and he de-aggressed too late). Good Battleship Kill! Good Capsule! Budda and Space Warfare did a great job using Gate Guns to their advantage in Tama.

(04:32:17Z) Ostingele, Tama
Dominix +258.7m
Capsule +101.45m
Rupture +59.82m
Capsule +0.01m

ISK Destroyed: 2,954,512,759.5
ISK Lost: 619,626,460.31
ISK Delta: 2,334,886,299.19
Efficiency: 82.664%

Another FUN evening! Remember: Gate Guns and Clone Soldiers HURT! Don't Die!

Budda Sereda



Post 2017.10.13 00:34

Re: [AAR] [LSC] [NSC] Herpaderp

Some of our fleet got killed on gates by gate guns. C'mon now!

I'm ashamed with that gate loss. Dunno what did I do, I was 100% sure I've HIT warp out to the BM .... :(

Budda did a great job tackling this Viator, who did a bad:

Considering I was in a Vexor it was a great job :) But I assume that guy just was DCed

Budda and Space Warfare did a great job using Gate Guns to their advantage in Tama.

Somewhere in the middle of Glen's story, they decided to go back to Stackmon. I assumed they are going to wrap the fleet up and I was sitting in a SLOW Vexor which I did not want to bring back home (because otherwise I would need to fly it sometimes again) and decided to trade it for other kills. So Space and me went to Black Rise. We eventually found 2 non-flashy Ruptures that were sitting on the gate, I played with them a little, and let them engage me. Once this happened I just called Space to decloak. In any case, gate guns did our job quite well:
https://zkillboard.com/kill/65227496/ +59.8M
https://zkillboard.com/kill/65227492/ +63.9M
I guess they thought, I'm self rep fit and expected to break me quickly. Hehe.

Later Indeed I lost my Vexor. We spotted a Drake and I expected that together with Space I should be able to break him together with Space's SB before he breaks myself (smaller signature, AB speed vs his signature slowness and solid application from SB).
When I warped first time, we got 3rd party... I warped out. While I landed (60AU away), Space reported something that told me it is safe to warp in. But I either misunderstood something or whatever, but when I landed I was tackled and killed:

https://zkillboard.com/kill/65227716/ -45.9M
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