Post 2016.03.19 04:25

Punisher T1 Armor Testing Series V

This test series keyed off the Prototype Armor Explosive Hardener I (Active module). For most of the tests this module was cap stable (2.5 Gj/s @ 29.8%). It could not be tested with the three following modules due to CPU issues, even with the Small Processor Overclocking Unit I rig installed: Prototype Energized Armor Layering Membrane I, Reactive Armor Hardener, and the Prototype Armor Explosive Hardener I (Dual Slot 4/5).

The highest and second highest explosive resistances were achieved with this module paired with the Aegis Explosive Plating I (77% EXP) and Experimental Explosive Plating I (76% EXP).

Test results:

Eve Punisher T1 Armor Test Series V.png
Test Series V results