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Amarr Punisher T1 Armor Tests with new alt Series I

A series of tests to get a better understanding of how the various modules work together. The Punisher has five low slots. The baseline fit consisted of 400mm Crystalline Carbonide Restrained Plates in Slot 1, Extruded Compact Heat Sink in Slot 2, and the IFFA Compact Damage Control in Slot 3. Slots 4 & 5 were tested with combinations of active and passive modules. Additionally, tests were done with 200mm and then 100mm Tungsten Compact Plates in Slot 4 and the various other modules in Slot 5. Two What if... scenarios were explored with Slot 5 filled with the Mark I Compact Power Diagnostic System and then the Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure.

The highest Armor hp achieved from all of the test series was in Series I with the 200mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates in Slot 4 and the Prototype Energized Armor Layering Membrane I in Slot 5. Slots 1-3 were the same for all tests. This combination achieved 3,124 hp for Armor, but didn't achieve the highest Defense hp and only had the baseline Explosive Resistance percentage of 39%.

The attached image shows the test data, modules, baseline, and the two What if... scenarios.
Eve Punisher T1 Armor Test Series I.png
Test Results for each combination in Series I