(Covert) Jump Portal Generation

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Post 2015.05.06 20:04

(Covert) Jump Portal Generation

Hi. My alt is training towards a Panther right now. I'm trying to understand the Jump related skills, specifically those for bridging people. I am looking for confirmation from someone with Black Ops experience.

Jump Portal Generation skill has the following text:
"Skill for the generation of jump portals to distant solar systems. 10% reduced material cost for jump portal activation per level."
Level I is a pre-requisite for the Covert Jump Portal Generator I module used by Black Ops battleships.

Am I right in thinking that, for Black Ops usage, I only need to train this skill to level I, to meet the pre-requisite, as it seems there is no "material cost" associated with activating the Covert version of the Portal Generator, only the Titan version (which uses Strontium Clathrates) would gain benefit from higher ranks of this skill?

The skill which governs fuel usage for ships using the covert bridge is actually Jump Fuel Conservation?

Still got a week to go on Battleship V then a couple of weeks for Astrometrics V so I have a while to go yet...
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Director of Special Projects

Post 2015.05.06 20:06

Re: (Covert) Jump Portal Generation

Yes. JPG above I is only useful for titans.
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