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T1 and T2 salvage and exploration item ranking

Posted: 2020.07.25 17:49
by Arin Mara
The Ultimate Nullsec Faction Relic/Data Sites Profitability Comparison compares the profitability of Data and Relic Sites. There is a raw data file called Relic Sites that shows how many salvage items of each type are present in each Relic Site Container.

The columns have names ranging from T1_1 to T1_8 for orange salvage and T2_1 to T2_8 for blue salvage. What are their full item names? Is Artificial Neural Network T2_4? What is T1_1?

I've listed 17 salvage items in alphabetical order. One of them doesn't belong. Can you list them in T1_1 to T1_8 and T2_1 to T2_8 order and find the extra item?
Artificial Neural Network
Broken Drone Transceiver
Burned Logic Circuit
Charred Micro Circuit
Conductive Polymer
Conductive Thermoplastic
Contaminated Lorentz Fluid
Damaged Artificial Neural Network
Drone Transceiver
Fried Interface Circuit
Interface Circuit
Logic Circuit
Lorentz Fluid
Malfunctioning Shield Emitter
Micro Circuit
Power Circuit
Tripped Power Circuit