Difference between Carbide Railgun and normal Railgun

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Difference between Carbide Railgun and normal Railgun

Post by damtung2000 »

Hi I just joined eve for a few weeks.
I noticed that there are normal railguns and Carbide railguns that are the same size, with the Carbide version being cheaper.
I'm just wondering what are the differences between these two versions?
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Anidien Dallacort
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Re: Difference between Carbide Railgun and normal Railgun

Post by Anidien Dallacort »

The compare tool is your best friend when comparing modules:

https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Show_Inf ... mpare_Tool

A Carbide railgun is going to be a “meta module” - for example the 150mm Carbide Railgun I is a meta 1 version of a 150mm Railgun I (Meta 0 version).

Meta 0 items are your player build able, tech 1 modules - often pricing will be controlled by their material cost.

“Meta modules” - generally meaning the non faction/non-officer named modules, like the carbides, are NPC dropped only. Their differences from the Meta 0 modules vary - they might have lower fitting requirements, better performance, etc.

Cost is not always the primary indicator of quality there. Meta modules aren’t built from materials, so their pricing point won’t move to cost of materials as a sustainable minimum. They could be better than their Meta 0 equivalent - but still lower priced, on account of a different Meta module being more desirable.

Use the compare tool, and see the differences in the stats that matters, side by side.
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Edhin Delphiki
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Re: Difference between Carbide Railgun and normal Railgun

Post by Edhin Delphiki »

I am going to use the 125mm Railgun I for the purpose of the example. A 125mm Carbide Rail I is a Meta 1 weapon of the 125mm Railgun series. This means it has the lowest damage and shortest optimal range. However, different meta of these weapons also have different fitting requirements as well, but I will just use the damage and optimal for purpose of brevity.

125mm Carbide Railgun I (Meta 1):
Damage Modifier: 2.31 x
Optimal Range: 9450 m

125mm Compressed Coil Gun I (Meta 3):
Damage Modifier: 2.53 x
Optimal Range: 10.35 km

125mm Prototype Gauss Gun (Meta 4):
Damage Modifier: 2.64 x
Optimal Range: 10.80 km

Once you get to Meta 5 (Tech II) for the 125mm Railgun II, the optimal range and damage modifier does not change, but you now can use Tech II ammunition.

I hope that helps you show a minimal reason why Carbide is cheaper as it one primary factors on a weapon system is that it simply does less damage in a shorter optimal range. Some additional reading (not light reading at that) is the Turrets Wiki entry.

Warm Regards,
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