Drones for Combat Sites

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Dottie Paqq
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Drones for Combat Sites

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Pretty new to the game so this maybe an uber newbie question. I want to start hacking combat sites but don't want to carry guns. I was thinking drones for fighting rats in high sec might be good enough. I saw Warrior I drones on market. Would this do the trick or am I totally off base here.
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Anidien Dallacort
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Re: Drones for Combat Sites

Post by Anidien Dallacort »

Just to be clear - are you interested in hacking for exploration loot, or running combat sites?

Cosmic signatures are scanned down using probes, and the actual sites that are scanned down can be of many varieties: Wormholes, Gas Sites, Combat Sites, Data Sites, and Relic Sites.

“Hacking” occurs in the last two - Data and Relic sites. These sites contain cans - objects in space that must be hacked with a Data or Relic Analyzer (as per the site they are in), and contain small, valuable loot for industry and a few other applications (salvage, Datacore sand decryptors for the tech 2 industry process, and more). This is generally the activity people are referring to when they mention Exploration.. While some sites can have NPC enemies (rats) in them - these are generally avoided or approached carefully, as hacking these sites is typically done in very fragile, non-combat ready ships. [The main flavor of site that DOES involve combat - sleeper data and relic sites in wormhole space - generally requires a small fleet and isn’t the activity of a solo explorer looking for a rich hacking site). This page shows whether a site has a potential PvE threat or not - safe sites do not have rats: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Relic_an ... warp_to.3F [Obligatory Warning: this does not make the site safe from other players hunting you - the main danger to explorers....)

Combat sites contain waves of rats that can be killed for bounties, loot, and if you bring a properly equipped ship back to the site after clearing it - salvage. The main reason for needing to clarify your question here - combat sites don’t involve hacking. Some combat sites are in Cosmic Anomalies - these show as green sites on your probe scanner as soon as you enter a system - they don’t have to be scanned down. Others, are in Cosmic Signatures, and do have to be scanned down before they are entered.

Here is some info on combat sites: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Combat_sites

Now, if probing down (not hacking) and clearing combat sites is what you are interested in, getting back to your original question on Warrior I’s - Warrior I’s are the basic type of Minmatar light scout drones - combat drones meant for engaging small ships. When compared to the basic light scout drones of the other three empires, Warriors are the fastest but do the least damage. They do explosive and kinetic damage (knowing the resistances of the pirate faction that spawns where you are fighting is helpful, to ensure understanding the right type of damage to apply for maximum effect).

And I know that doesn’t answer the question directly - what you bring to a combat site, is more dependent on which site it is, and what your overall ship and skills are. Drones are really just a type of gun - your ship still needs to be able to survive taking the damage the ships at the site are applying to you, too, for example.

If running combat sites in drone ships is an interesting activity to you, I’d recommend reading up on drones here: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Drones

That page introduces the different type of drones (I.e. the difference between a light and heavy drone), the different statistics for drones (I.e. drone control range - how far away you can be from your target and still tell your drones to attack), and drone skills (I.e. Drone Interfacing - each level of which causes your drones to do more damage).

I know I left more details out than I gave - this is already a long answer, and you’ve brushed upon a very broad topic. First, I hope I’ve helped clarify the point on hacking - if you have other questions to probe into this topic further, feel free to ask away, and myself or others on the forums may be able to help guide you on the path you’d like to take in this crazy game!
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