Post 2017.07.16 10:17

Cloak + MicroJump trick

the story goes as follows:
in Q&A with Seamus Donohue on 09.07.2017 the question was asked:

"i know there is cloak + MWD trick to align and go into warp while not beeing targeted by anemies, but could MJD also work ?"
*not the exact quote, but i hope i got the spirit right

Seamus was not shure, so i quickly jumped to sisi and here what i established back then:

1. you have to hit align, and then activate cloak and MJD simultaneously
- you cant actovate cloak while MJD is chargin up
- you cant activate MJD while cloaked

2. after activating MJD ship heading will be "locked", so no more aligning/course correction
- since cloak was activated you cant be targeted, but remain "visible" on grid for few more seconds (and stay that way throu the whole process)
- MJD jump effect is also visible

3. MJD will break cloak somewhere half way into activation timer
- after cloak break, you can be targeted again

this how it looks in action:
*some desync visible in cloak/MJD effects on "exterrior" frame side, since i dont know how to record 2 clients simultaneously

edit: so, yeah photobucket no longer alows you to "share" images unless you pay monthly so no working .gif :/

- large/medium MJD activation time is up to 12s (activation time can be reduced 25% by MJD operation skill to 9s large/med).
- after cloak breaks 1/2 throu MJD cycle, that leaves you vulnerable for 4,5 up to 6s whitch is plenty of time to ave a very bad supprise-gatecamp case of explosive decompression.
- it "kinda" works and can be attempted, but works not good enough = MJD TRICK SUX

- if someone have max MJD skill can double check on "breaking cloak half way into activation cycle", to confirm if its accurate, and not a somekind of "fixed value".