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Living solo in a C3 wormhole

Posted: 2020.09.23 03:55
by Sivaira Chen
Recently I have been thinking about living out of cargo containers in a C3 wormhole with a Gila/Praxis. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should fit my Gila/Praxis optimally and what C3 wormhole I should pick?

Re: Living solo in a C3 wormhole

Posted: 2021.04.04 11:54
by Nagrii

I wouldn't recommend using containers to live out of. They are tasty targets to whoever rolls into the system. Most nomads have an alt hauler that safe logs your assets. Basically make sure the hauler is fitted with a cloak, put him at a deep safe, and log off. When you need something just log on, warp to safe, jettison, and scoop.

Another strong candidate for the nomad is the Orca. When fit for max cargo she can hold a lot. Fit with a cloak and at a deep safe it will hold all your toys. The training curve to fly it rather steep though.

Is there a reason you don't want to anchor a citadel or POS? They provide great security and you don't need 2 accounts. If you want to learn more about structures in wormholes PM me or catch me on discord/mumble. I have put up dozens of structures and was only bashed once when I ran out of fuel.

C3s are generally undesirable by the WH corps big enough to evict you. As you can see, there are a lot of choices ... unfiltered

HS static is super convenient for logistics and gives you plenty of new bro explorers to pod. Bad choice if you are looking to eat, huff, or mine.

LS/NS static may bring you some small gang pvp day trippers. Since slot of NS is empty, a NS static is probably safest.

If you are running a Gila, I'd look for a Pulsar or Blackhole.
Pulsar gives bonuses to shield, capacitor, and neuts while penalizing armour and signature radius. Blackholes are all about speed, faster missiles with bigger booms, faster ships, and bonus target range. Webs are penalized.

Also, if you are interested in small gang WH PVP join the in-game chat LegionXx. There is a lot of experience there from nomads to elite PVP guys from Hard Knocks and Lazerhawks.

Wormhole life is awesome, but I found being a solo nomad unfulfilling. J-Space is better with friends, even just one or two like minded pilots.

Finally, I highly recommend you read

Ashy is the CEO of Foxholers and she posts some great guides and content. Also super helpful in teaching pvp....after she explodes your ship :lol:

Re: Living solo in a C3 wormhole

Posted: 2021.04.04 21:47
by Tremitry Darkstar
If you're down for living with a group, you could always join WHC. We live in a C2 with C3 and High Sec statics. So, easy to haul and easy to farm. Plus there's usually something interesting to shoot at down the chain of connections plus a lot of infrastructure already in place.