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Finding K162's in Hi Sec

PostPosted: 2019.12.13 02:50
by Xanne Ashlander
So, Innuendo has a B274 (Highsec) static. If the old static collapses, a new B274 wormhole will spawn within a few minutes.
However, this "wormhole" only has one side (the B274) at this point. The associated exit/return path (the K162 side) isn't present yet.
Only when the first ship enters the B274 side is the destination system selected (and the K162 generated).

I found the above quote in another thread.

Extrapolating, if I find a K162 in Hi Sec, leading to Wormhole space, that means that someone has already transited it?


Re: Finding K162's in Hi Sec

PostPosted: 2019.12.13 03:23
by Conci Furiram
Yes, a K162 means the the hole has been opened. There's an excellent flowchart explaining the wormhole spawn mechanics in this thread: ... anics/8767