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Going back to Scanned Down Sites

PostPosted: 2019.07.01 15:14
by Byron Thani
I just scanned down 4 cosmic signatures in a system close to AMC... found 2 Wormholes, a relic site, and a combat site. I left the system and docked at AMC and logged off for 15 minutes. I logged back on and went to the system, and all the sites were signatures again (they needed to be scanned again). Is this normal? Do I have to bookmark the sites I scan down to go back to them?

How do I share them (wormhole locations for example) with other E-uni members on in-game chat?

Re: Going back to Scanned Down Sites

PostPosted: 2019.07.01 15:26
by Byron Thani
Just wanted to add that I got an answer to this in the in-game chat in case anyone else finds this post looking for an answer (thanks Tau Hopper).

Yes - cosmic signatures that you scan down are not saved when you log off. The best\only way to save them is to bookmark them (and then you can share them with your Alts or E-Uni members).

Re: Going back to Scanned Down Sites

PostPosted: 2019.07.22 13:43
by Zoltan Irvam

the answer from chat is correct. You can either move your bookmarks to corporation bookmarks or generatem them directly in there... just know that there is a finite and much too small number of corp bookmarks allowed - so use the correct folder for your campus and clean them up when you are done using them.

You can also shift drag one or multiple bookmarks to your item hangar, which will create a tradeable item.

As strange as it may seem, you can not send location info in chat or ingame mail (somebody please correct me, if I'm wrong).