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OMG Release Star Citizen for Pete's sake!!

PostPosted: 2019.03.27 10:41
by Falus Templar
Yes, I am a backer. Loved Chris Roberts' Wing Commander games when I was younger. I jumped on the crowd funding bandwagon in 2013. They started raising money in the summer of 2012. And now Star Citizen has been in a perpetual Alpha state ever since.

$221M raised and they claim over 2.3M subs and just bread crumb teasers so far. Really, I've almost given up on them. Anybody else contribute to this game and is playing it? Looking forward to it?

Re: OMG Release Star Citizen for Pete's sake!!

PostPosted: 2019.03.28 00:41
by Tanko Potomus
I know how you feel! I pledged in 2013, and once every few years bought a ship on sale that caught my eye.
I've been frustrated with the feature creep, and would love for them to hit (or at least announce) a firm persistent universe release date, but have since made peace with the fact that me getting #madonline won't make things go faster.

I dive into the Alpha every few months, and I will say I've been blown away with the work that has been done so far. Being able to traverse systems/stations/planets with varying levels of content, all in a seamless, literally 0 loading time way is truly a feat. There are plenty of other features (some detail-oriented, some concerning core gameplay) that have left me very impressed, but it's discouraging to know that there's still a LONG way to go before dream becomes reality. As it stands, the game is fun and engaging, but without persistent progress and goals to work towards, I find it hard to stay consistently engaged.

I know they're pushing hard for a 2020 release of the single-player experience (Squadron 42), so I think a lot of additional resources are being pumped into that (and sadly not the multiplayer persistent universe). Disappointing, but at the same time I realize they're getting a lot of tech/features up and running for that, which will ultimately make their way to the multiplayer part.


Re: OMG Release Star Citizen for Pete's sake!!

PostPosted: 2019.07.01 22:26
by Iliad Soldaire
It'll happen...


Give it some time...

We're almost there...

Have you heard about the new fidget spinner simulator?

Re: OMG Release Star Citizen for Pete's sake!!

PostPosted: 2019.07.02 09:22
by Adree Jericho
Really, this feature creep development treadmill is classic Chris Roberts. He wanted so desperately to secure independent funding so he wouldn't have any external influences, but those external influences are historically all that's ever forced him to actually release a damn game. Development is his playground, and even if you guys aren't having any fun with an unreleased game, he gets to have fun every single day, and that's what matters.

Here's a couple of sum-ups I thought were useful. Bear in mind these were posted one and two years ago respectively, so take that for what it's worth: