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Toben Braask



Post 2019.06.11 11:31

World of Tanks Blitz : RollingSwarm

Hello there!

I think this is the right place to post this, apologies if not - borrowing someone else's motto in this context: "Ask for forgiveness, not permission" :idea:

So, I am having a grand old time in EVE, especially since joining EVE-Uni. Really, the support and guidance so far has been phenomenal - and the amount of resources available (guidebooks, overview presets, etc. etc. etc.) just blows my mind.

Anyways, it has been a long-time since I've been this new to a game of this scale. OK, EVE is unique - but I mean new even to sandbox MMORPGs, let alone the intricacies of EVE itself... - it's a very challenging, brain-hurty experience, but I am enjoying it a lot.

So in my capacity as an EVE-rookie, on the receiving end of so much help I can't even count the number of times I said "thank you", in the last 24 hours - I'd like to return the favour as best I can. Albeit, for another game.

World of Tanks Blitz is primarily a "mobile" game but is also playable on PC (on the Steam store, no less). This title has been my mainstay for the last ~ 5 years. If anyone is already playing, or if anyone wants to give it a spin, let me know :) - I am very active in the esports scene, previously as a player in major tournaments but now more recently as a "caster", delivering play-by-play and colour casting for the top level of online formats (and even hoping to be selected as the official Wargaming commentator for World Championship Twister series, that will be held in Minsk later this year).

So yeah - I play on the EU server, my handle is "RollingSwarm" - but most people call me Rolling 8)
You can catch my livestream content here:


(p.s. - ' o7 ' is also used prolifically in the tanking community, and the fact that it features heavily in EVE as well is a huge plus for me <3)

Tau Hopper


Assistant Campus Manager
Assistant Campus Manager

Post 2019.06.19 13:00

Re: World of Tanks Blitz : RollingSwarm

Welcome to the family!

I don't play World of Tanks myself but, now that you mention it, when claiming the Sunesis Omega Blundle in Twitch Prime I noticed there were some giveaways for that game as well:

You probably saw it already but... just in case ;)
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