Post 2018.06.12 02:08

EVE: War of Ascension (Pure Amygnon Congregation)

A new EVE-inspired mobile game, War of Ascension, developed by CCP and PlayRaven and published by Kongregate has been... Well, it's hard to say if it's been released or leaked, as it still seems somewhat unfinished, has no tutorial, and doesn't seem to be available to many through the Google Play Store even though the listing is live. You can bypass that by installing the APK though, which I won't link here just in case it violates some kind of terms but it's easy to find if you search for it.

Despite the lack of tutorial and some of the content seeming rough around the edges, it definitely works and is connected to a larger server with player interactions. I like the way it takes familiar EVE ship and station designs and gives them a splash of color, and it seems to have a one-universe style of player combat which on the surface is surprisingly complex for such a simple phone game. That said, the usual idle time and microtransactions of mobile games are very present here as well.

At the start of the game you are randomly assigned a pre-generated corporation, but you can switch between them every couple of days. One of them is called the "Pure Amygnon Congregation" so of course I had to join it! Maybe it can be the unofficial EVE University branch of the game. :D

Has anyone else tried it or have any thoughts?