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For information about upcoming EVE University events.
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Post information about upcoming events here. If you would like some assistance in planning or advertising your event, contact our Events Department.
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Rules and Guidelines

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'Anyone in the EVE University can run an Event'
Events are any activity that isn't a class or teaching lecture that allow Unistas to experience what EVE has to offer. Events can be PVP related (although most fleets are run outside of the Events Department) or non-combat events like industry, mining, exploration, or sightseeing.

They do not even have to require undocking from a station. For example, lotteries or trivia contests fall under the Events Department remit as much as full-blown tournaments. Events can even happen completely out of the game!

The Department is keen to encourage Unista's to plan, organise and run their own events however there are some simple rules and guidelines that need to be taken into account should you wish to do so.

The Rules

1. Events should be scheduled so that they do not conflict with other events or classes. Sometimes overlap is unavoidable.

2. Events involving non-Ivy League participants or organisers must have prior approval from either the Events Department Manager or an E-Uni Director. Clearance must be received before any external discussions or preparations take place.

3. Events involving aggression/interference with structures are not permitted unless prior approval has been obtained from an E-Uni Director.

4. Fundraising events such as lotteries may only be run by E-Uni Directors or an appropriate Manager. Individuals wishing to fundraise for University-related activities or donations should speak to their Campus Manager or the Events Manager.

5. If you want to host an event where prizes are given out, and you need Events funds to do so, please give AT LEAST 7 days notice of the prizes required. Thus allowing the staff the time to go pick it up before the event. Failing to give notice in time will result in a decline of Events funding.


1. If you are running an event for the first time it is recommended to contact a member of the Events Staff before posting to the forums. You should supply a draft of your proposal detailing rules, scheduling prizes etc. In addition to providing experienced guidance, the Events Staff can help with funding prizes, putting up a calendar entry and logistics. Campus Managers are also excellent people to approach with your ideas if your event audience is intended to be members of a specific campus. In these cases, the announcement thread can remain within the campus forum if desired.

2. If you wish to run an event from the Event Library please contact a member of the Events Staff prior to forum posting to check we do not already have the event scheduled.

3. If you have an idea for an event but don't know where to start, please feel free to contact a member of the Events Department!

Forum, Corp Mail, and Calendar announcement guidelines:
Events are typically announced in one of the following forums:

Combat Fleets
Events and Education > Corporation Events > Combat Fleets, accessible to OOC alumni

Other Events
Events and Education > Corporation Events, publicly accessible

All event thread subjects should start with the date of the event in EVE time using the YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM format, followed by the name of the event itself. For recurring events, please indicate the initial date and/or range of dates as appropriate. When the first post is edited the subject can be updated.

Good examples: (When adding to the calendar, simply remove the date and time from the title.)

[FLEET] 2014.07.26 18:00 NSC Intro Roam
[EVENT] 2014.07.01 SOLO PvP Competition (July 1-15)
[COMPLETED] 2014.07.26 21:00 Box Tourney 5v5 Edition
[CANCELLED] 2014.07.20 01:00 EVE Gate Pilgrimage

Corp Mail functions as the primary method to alert thousands of E-UNI members about 1) major upcoming events with links to a forum thread or 2) urgently announce rescheduling/cancellations. Use only the Corp mailing list unless your event is relevant to members of other IVY Alliance members. Do not cross-post to both Corp and Alliance mailing lists. Try not to spam any mailing list with changes or replies. Creating appropriate hyperlinks in your mail is always appreciated.

The Calendar functions as the best way for members to see at a glance which events are scheduled. Sophomore members and above may create announcements as either Corp or Alliance as appropriate. Freshmen may ask in General or Campus chat for someone to make one for you. Alternatively, if you don't have a handy Sophomore around to ask, simply join the Events.

To hide an event from our public calendar view, check the "Important" box and it will be marked as Classified. It is not currently possible to delete events automatically posted to the public calendar. This is the reason why [CANCELLED] is the recommended way to communicate a change.
Useful wiki pages when planning an event:

Guide to Running Events
Using the EVE University Calendar

If you are unsure about anything to do with planning or running an event,
please contact a member of the Events Department
Our job is to make sure your events happen.
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