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Events' Forum Signature Ribbons

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Alumnus Silvonus has long provided EVE University with a creative array of forum signature ribbons, which complement our member history of killboard and in-game medals, as a self-tracking merit system. By request of the Events Department, Silvonus has expanded the variety of ribbons available that pertain to activities in several categories, including PVE, tourism, and out of game events. Events and fleets relevant to ribbons can be announced anywhere, and while they are meant for use on our forums, being a Unista or only counting a Uni-led activities is not required.

A sample of the most recent and existing ribbons is summarised below. The complete list, including PVP ribbons for fleet FCing, roams, and solo combat is accessible on our wiki at:
(Note the right-side Expand links for revealing the forum code.)

Event Runners - Scheduled Events must be posted to the corporation forums.
Image 1st Class - Serve the Education Dept. by organising many events, and assisting others to run theirs.
Image 2nd Class - Organize 10 or more events.
Image 3rd Class - Organize 5 events.
Image 4th Class - Organize 2 events.

Image Order of Korr'Tanas – Participate in a Dragonslayer which resulted in a slay.
Image Into the Unknown - Participate in a Uni organized POS bash in w-space.
Image Bug Hunter - Participate in three or more CCP mass tests.
Image Fight the Man - Participate in a CCP live event.
Image Yaaar - Complete both Guristas and Angel Epic Arcs.
Image Right to Rule - Complete the Amarr Epic Arc.
Image Penumbra - Complete the Caldari Epic Arc.
Image Syndication - Complete the Gallente Epic Arc.
Image Wildfire - Complete the Minmatar Epic Arc.

Sightseeing and Events
Image Quafe Ultra - Organize or host a player meetup.
Image Quafe - Attend EVE Fanfest in Iceland.
Image Quafe Zero - Attend any major EVE Online event outside of Iceland.
Image Quafe Unleashed - Attend 2 or more player meetups.
Image Shattered - Visit 7 shattered planets.
Image Graveyard of Giants - Visit the Titanomachy site. Also known as the battle of B-R5RB.
Image Postcard - Visit Poitot and ask someone else in local if they knew that...
Image Pilgrim - Visit the EVE Gate.

The Events Department
Our job is to make sure your events happen.
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