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[EVENT] Low-sec Exploration Social - 17 August, 18:30

Posted: 2021.07.29 17:30
by Arkady Marten
Like a swarm of locusts...

The first one we held worked great, let's do another one!

What - We'll spread out into the low-sec systems around LSC, scan down all the signatures, then split up to run whatever sites we fancy: Data / Relic Sites, Anomaly Mining and Gas Huffing, Wormhole Exploration, etc.
When - Tuesday, 17 August 2021 - 18:30
Where - Form-up at Eugales - The Flying Dutchman
Why - By running this as a group, we can scan systems much more quickly than each of us could alone, so we have a good chance to find all the juiciest sites around. We can also provide a level of safety for each other with intel on neutrals moving through the area. Maybe we'll even find an engageable group of friendly enemies for some pew-pew!

Who - Everyone welcome, from all-fresh-to-the-game to wizened old vets.
Doctrine - Explo ship for scanning, further ships depending on what you want to run. Flight deck and some loaner ships available, if you don't yet have your own: Explo Frigates, T1 Ore / Gas Ventures, PvE Frigates.
Comms - LSC Campus comms on Mumble

Some ideas for sites / activities:
  • Data / Relic Sites
  • Combat Sites
  • Mining Ore Anomalies and Ice Belts
  • Gas Huffing
  • Belt Ratting (especially Clone Soldiers and Mordu's Legion spawns)
  • Salvaging abandoned drones
We'll keep at it for a couple of hours or so or until we all had our fill. Feel free to join late / leave early, no fixed time commitment. I'll run through some info at the beginning on how we bookmark signatures at LSC, but will have a crash-course available later if you can't be there for that.

Re: [EVENT] Low-sec Exploration Social - 17 August, 18:30

Posted: 2021.08.17 22:44
by Arkady Marten
Arkady Marten
Icarus Alpin
Iam Nota Bot
Michelle Devereux
Quadruple S
Jilokari Kurvora (moral support over comms)

Had a fun and productive time - thank you everyone for attending!

Probe -1.39m
Capsule -0.01m

Icarus forgets their d-scan button and gets reminded of the dangers of low-sec by a Frat pilot while at a safe - luckly we had reships available in the flight deck!

Myrmidon +59.77m

We scanned and scanned and scanned some more, then as I'm heading back to Eugales I notice a Myrm seemingly autopiloting through low-sec. Is it bait? Is it a bot? We decide to go after it. It starts running combat sites in Oulley, and after some cat-n-mouse, we manage to tackle it and take it down. Turns out it's likely a new player who hasn't yet grasped the difference between high-sec and low-sec! The pilot convos Quadruple S all irate, he talks them down and extends an invitation to join the Uni. :D Job well done, everyone!

The rest of the event was spent gas huffing in a shattered system, a number of clouds completely cleared, others nibbled on until it was time to gtfo, much isk brought back. The end! :)