[EVENT] AMC Fight Club @02:00, June 20th 2021 -- Averon

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[EVENT] AMC Fight Club @02:00, June 20th 2021 -- Averon

Post by Chakravanti »

Location: Averon
Time: 02:00 on Sunday 6/20/21 (10pm Saturday EST)
Format: Tech 1 Frigates
FC: Chakravanti
Rules: See here

AMC Fight Club is back and better than ever!

Fight Club is a tradition where friends old and new come together, and blow each other up.
We've built an arena in which you will square off against other Unistas in 1v1 fights to the death! You can bring your own ships to sacrifice to the cause, or you can take one from the Flight Hanger free of charge, thanks to Eve University's Production department. The ships are provided by the University so there really is nothing to lose. Show up in a clean clone, grab a ship, blow up a few friends until you yourself get blown up, grab another ship!. No investment, no fuss ... all fun.

After each fight, we discuss as a group what went right and what went wrong. How each side saw things play out, and offer suggestions where we can on what could be done differently in future encounters. -- This is really the "soul" of Fight Club. Hearing your opponent describe the fight you just had is invaluable in furthering your understanding. Positive peer feedback and an opportunity to ask specific questions, promotes healthy growth.

If you're new to Fight Club, come 20 minutes early for the NewBro talk.

Hope to see and shoot you all soon!

(I used to think my mind was the most important part of me, until I remembered what it was that was thinking that.)
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