Suru's Mining Madness 04/11/2021 @11:30

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Suru's Mining Madness 04/11/2021 @11:30

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DATE : 2021/04/11
FORM-UP LOCATION : Uphene-Black Market Trading Post
FORM-UP TIME : 11:30 EVE Time
UNDOCK TIME : 12:00 EVE Time
DURATION : 24hours
DOCTRINE : Open Doctrine

Hey Miners

The AMC Manager has given us a challenge to break 5 billion in isk for a SC event. I am asking all miners to help us out. I will be running a 24 hour mining blitz. Going from reset to reset.
To top it off I have been told that random prizes will be given out to members who join us.(You do not have to be there all day)

Soooooo before anyone freaks out. four things

1. No you do not have to be there all day
2. Yes we have random prizes from AMC to people that show up
3. The spreadsheet will be available to you from the start
4. Yes I know I am crazy and yes we shoot people with fireworks

For this fleet, I am petitioning members to fill the following roles:

Fleet Booster, Fleet Booster, Fleet Hauler

Please follow this link and message me on Discord or in game as I have broken the day up and I want to discuss your requested role so we are on the same page. ... sp=sharing

I am looking for as many miners as I can. ... 62#p939762

If you have any questions, please let me know in advance! I look forward to flying with you all. o7
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