[Event] Reflecting on a year of HSC Fight Club events

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[Event] Reflecting on a year of HSC Fight Club events



Time flies by, and this month marks a year since I took over the HSC Fight Club event, answering Analee Tsasa's call (I think). I've had an immense pleasure to host the event, seeing both new and experienced pilots to show up, share knowledge, brandish combat drones, and blow up pixels.

Here I would like to share some interesting (and not so) statistics that I collected for the past year, some thoughts, and some ideas. I've tried my best to filter out non-events, but some numbers might be slightly off.


First and foremost, general event statistics:
  • Total number of events over the year: 43 (give or take)
  • Most number of participants: 18 on 2020-09-05, 15 on 2020-12-05, 15 on 2020-08-29
  • Most killmails: 45 on 2020-09-05
Thats impressive! Regular number of participants was around 8, with only once, as far as I remember, no-one showing up. Having only one set of bookmarks at the beginning caused unnecessary waiting time for participants, increasing frustration and decreasing participation. After some feedback, Yokuni Togashi was kind enough to burn a perfect arena with 8 separate locations for the event, that is still in use.
  • Total fights that resulted in killmail: 852
  • Total unique participants: 193
  • Unique participants with final blow: 121
  • Unique participants with losses: 179

That's a lot of pixels erased! And a lot of interest. I'd like to thank these 193 pilots for their time and participation. I would not be able to host it without you. You made this event.

  • Total event feedback responses: 63
  • Most feedback replies: 6 (2020-08-29)
  • Worst feedback score given (0-5): 4
  • Average feedback score (0-5): 4.87
  • Answered 'yes' to 'Would you attend this event again' question: 100%

This is quite impressive, and does how that people generally like the event. Feedback from participants was extremely useful, and resulted in some changes be implemented:
  • Getting a permanent co-host or assistant: This did not work out, however asking the most experienced participant to do a quick newbro speech for pilots that were late to the event did work. This resulted in less waiting for majority of participants, and more attention to newbros.
  • Hosting a EU-timezoned event. This did not work for me due to lack of interest from players. However a trial event, hosted by Red Fish, was a success.
  • Having a resupply of parts/charges/drones on the field. I tried ejecting the container with consumables, totally forgetting that it would disappear after two hours. Everything was lost :). During the last event, I had an Orca with fleet hanger available, that contained consumables, and fitted with remote shield/armor/hull/capacitor repairers/boosters. This was a great success, allowing people to save time on repairs and refills. Next step would be having a container (in Orca) for burned out modules, and a pile of replacement t1/meta modules available for people to refit burned out modules on the field using Orca's fitting service.
  • Having more than one location for fights. This was a great success, and allowed me to host up to 6 (IIRC) fights at the same time.
  • Having more events per week. Unfortunately this did not work out due to multiple reasons. More on that below.
  • Allowing more ships than T1 frigates. I decided to allow T1 destroyers also, that were fighting against either another destroyer, or two frigates. This proved to be a success, and a good balance. I also allowed T2 damage control as an exception from T1-only rules due to the cost of meta module.
  • Trying different ending for the event. Usually event ended with free-for-all fight, however sometimes I brought a T1 cruiser to solo face the frigates. More often than not cruiser was deatomized, however it taught a very important lessons to participants - not to be afraid of larger targets, and how to work in groups. I think that was a huge success. Few events ended with manual piloting practice instead of fights, and such practice was welcomed by participants.

Next, some personal statistics:

Best participation:
  • Red Fish: 17 events
  • Vex Clover: 13 events
  • Adam Cion: 12 events
Most wins::
  • Red Fish: 80
  • Adam Cion: 47
  • K'Anpo Rimpoche: 47
  • Dain Tarkus: 47
Most losses: :
  • Red Fish: 35
  • Vex Clover: 35
  • K'Anpo Rimpoche: 34
  • Yokuni Togashi: 34

Best K/D ratio with >10 losses:
  • Dain Tarkus : Wins: 47, Losses: 17 , Ratio: 2.76
  • Red Fish : Wins: 80 , Losses: 35 , Ratio: 2.28
  • Adam Cion : Wins: 47 , Losses: 23 , Ratio: 2.04
  • Ben Pulastra : Wins: 27 , Losses: 15 , Ratio: 1.8

Most active pilot (wins + losses): :
  • Red Fish : Total: 115
  • K'Anpo Rimpoche: Total: 81
  • Vex Clover : Total: 73
  • Adam Cion : Total: 70


Ship statistics:
  • Ship with most wins: Tristan Wins: 206, Losses: 132, Ratio: 1.56
  • Ship with most losses: Tristan Wins: 206, Losses: 132, Ratio: 1.56
  • Most popular ship: Tristan Wins: 206, Losses: 132, Ratio: 1.56
Just lol. More than 1/4 of fights resulted in either loss, or final blow, by Tristan. This is not surprising, as Tristan is one of the most versatile frigates in the game.

Runner ups:
  • Kestrel: Wins: 94, Losses: 104, Ratio: 0.90
  • Breacher: Wins: 115, Losses: 57, Ratio: 2.01
  • Atron: Wins: 34, Losses: 72, Ratio: 0.47
  • Condor: Wins: 36, Losses: 64, Ratio: 0.56
  • Rifter: Wins: 61, Losses: 37, Ratio: 1.64
Kestrel, Atron and Condor are kind of surprising - they all have bad k/d ratio, but people keep flying them.

Ships with best K/D ratios:
  • Breacher: Wins: 115, Losses: 57, Ratio: 2.01[/size]
  • Tormentor: Wins: 55, Losses: 31, Ratio: 1.77[/size]
  • Rifter : Wins: 61, Losses: 37, Ratio: 1.64[/size]
Tormentor and Rifter look undervalued by pilots, while having pretty good k/d ratios. Breacher is an absolute beast, being able to fit good tank, nice damage, and being double-repped.

Least popular ships:
  • Crucifier: Wins: 1, Losses: 6, Ratio: 0.16[/size]
  • Maulus: Wins: 4, Losses: 7, Ratio: 0.57[/size]
  • Heron: Wins: 5, Losses: 7, Ratio: 0.71[/size]
  • Executioner: Wins: 33, Losses: 33, Ratio: 1.0[/size]
While not surprised by Crucifier and Maulus, Heron and Executioner look quite under-utilized


What went well

I've obtained quite vast experience with multiple things. Hosting the event. Preparing for event. Dealing with angry and entitled people. Designing ship fits. Hauling and contracting ships and items. But my biggest take-away is community, and people - ones who enjoyed the event, and kept coming for more.

We held the event even during the wartime, with newbros willing to jump of any war target that would pop up in the system. That's the spirit!

What did not go well
Hosting regular event for a long time has a toll. There is nothing worse than having people to show up for the event, and not being prepared for it. My largest source of irritation were actually ships for the event. I've tried to take advantage of Production Department services, of Hauling Department services, but for one reason or another, that did not work out. At the end, to ensure that everything is prepared for the event, I had to haul and prepare everything by myself, and this takes a lot of time too.

Having said that, I have an announcement to make. I feel that it is time for me to take a step back, and have some rest. HSC Fight Club hosted by KPYTOE KOPOBO is going for an undefined hiatus. If someone wants to continue hosting the event - please feel free to reach out to me for any help or advice.

HOWEVER, before saying goodbye.. I'd like to make few gifts to celebrate the anniversary. Looks like I have few Gilas rusting in the hangar, that can have a new owner. So the prizes go to:

To Red Fish - for most events attended, most wins, and most losses
To Dain Tarkus - for being the best overall PvP Fight Club pilot
To Vex Clover, K'Anpo Rimpoche and Adam Cion - for awesome participation

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!
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Vex Clover
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Re: [Event] Reflecting on a year of HSC Fight Club events

Post by Vex Clover »

Thank you so much for all the Fight Club events you've hosted over the year, I've had lots of fun, and of course, learnt a lot! :D

I have always been interested in joining Fight Club, ever since I joined Eve Uni. Dare I say, it's where I gain a lot of my PvP skills! Therefore, I would definitely be interested in continuing to host the event. If I could organise a meeting with you that'd be great.

All in all, I hope you have a good break, you've definitely earned it! Although I'm sad I won't be flying with you in the near future, I do hope I get a chance to fly with you again sometime :cheers:
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Dain Tarkus
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Re: [Event] Reflecting on a year of HSC Fight Club events

Post by Dain Tarkus »

Thank you so much! I really, really enjoyed the Fight Club events you hosted. The events were always very well run, and your commentary and organization was impeccable! I recommended HSC Fight Club to everyone I met. You leave very big shoes to fill (should someone fill them during your hiatus). I learned a tremendous amount to include topics like manual piloting, orbit vs. keep at range, overheating, and ship fitting theory. Thank you so much for your dedicated service, and I look forward to flying with you again in the future!
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Red Fish
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Re: [Event] Reflecting on a year of HSC Fight Club events

Post by Red Fish »

I loved your fight club! I learned honestly most of what I know from it! I've improved quite a bit from my first fight clubs when I didn't get a single kill until my 3rd one. Vex and I plan on keeping it going (along with AMC fight Club to get the miners shooting each other), I fully expect you to show up to actually do some fighting instead of just sitting there in a sunesis :)
Fly Dangerous,
Red Fish
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unstable unit
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HSC Manager
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Re: [Event] Reflecting on a year of HSC Fight Club events

Post by unstable unit »

Thank you so much for all your efforts! <3
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Adam Cion
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Re: [Event] Reflecting on a year of HSC Fight Club events

Post by Adam Cion »

Thank you for running fight club KPYTOE! I still remember my first fight club, getting several of your ships off contract and losing all of them one after another, learning something each time =). It's been a lot of fun over these past few months always looking forward to fight club each Friday night (USTZ), and your efforts have certainly helped a lot of people get into PvP and EVE!

Hopefully we can carry the improvements to the event you've made forward. I'm hoping to run some fight clubs in the future as well, but it would be hard to match your level of quality and consistency. From fitting advice to tactics (I'd never have thought to make drones chase me fighting kiters in my beam punisher), your feedback has always been on point and one of the highlights of the event.

Have a nice rest, and hope to fly with you again some day! o/
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