Rescheduled Event HSC Belt Mining SC

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Rescheduled Event HSC Belt Mining SC

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Date:Saturday, April 3rd, 22:00 EVE time (Saturday, April 3rd 3:00 PM MST / 5:00 PM EST)
Location: Amygnon Meet at Hotel Sierra Charlie
Format: All Mining ships welcome
Duration: 2 hours
Comms: HSC Mining in mumble.
Ships: Any belt mining ship. If you're a newbro and don't have a venture, there are a couple in the hanger we can get to you. 1-2 Orcas, 1 Haulers
Fleet: Look for 'HSC Belt SC Mining Fleet'
Note: If you show up late during the event, send me a pm after you join fleet and post "Lasers on 00:00" (with current time) when you get to the belt please. If I don't know that you joined the fleet or the time you started mining I can't pay you! Thank you.
Also, due to RL stuff I had to reschedule this event from 3/27 to 4/3.

Are you a newbro who might be curious about mining asteroid belts? Have some experience mining solo but curious about being in a fleet full of miners? or are you really experienced and want to help out the Uni by giving newbros tips and help give ore back to the Uni? Then come on over to HSC This weekend and join us for a shared can belt fleet for a couple hours, sit back, relax as you fire up your lasers, launch your drones and watch the rocks pop (and an occasional rat too!) Official fleet will be for 2 hours, anyone can come and go as they please. I will be flying an Orca providing boosts, a hauler is welcome.

See you then! o7 8)
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