[EVENT] HSC Abyssal Birthday Bash

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[EVENT] HSC Abyssal Birthday Bash

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In Game Event Title: HSC Abyssal Birthday Bash [12MAR2021@2100-2300]
Where: Amygnon - Hotel Sierra Charlie

Hosts: Uriel Tkarmminni, Maeden Anthar

Amplifying Information:

Your hosts would like to thank everyone ahead of time; who joins us for our Abyssal Frigate Fleet runs! We are excited to be a part of what we know will be solid participation, learning, and fun!

Where are we taking you? To Abyssal Deadspace! The Wiki explains Abyssal Deadspace quite well...and I encourage you to read that linked page. We will be covering the basics, which are also stated on the aforementioned page. Please do not feel alarmed, or overwhelmed. Abyssal Deadspace covers a lot of information, and can/will test your knowledge as a pilot. I like to say all you need to know is everything - to master the Abyss. Easy right?

We will not be seeking mastery in our runs. We would be flattered if anybody believed we could teach such a thing!
No instead we will give you a WAY OVERPOWERED frigate (overpowered frigate?) that is CAPABLE of POUNDING the NPC Abyssal SCUM all by its SOLO self. We don't stop there - no no no - then we bring along a friend for a total of (3) THREE x3 III Unistas into the Abyss and rid that pocket of NPC Scum. This will be an opportunity for you to get acquainted with the abyss. Its size, structures, spawns, gates, and weather (wait weather?) will be new; and therefore in this environment we will ease you into what is an extremely challenging and deadly part of Eve.

But...wait... Did I say Overpowered Frigate? ...I did... Uriels Uni Abyss This is the fit we will be taking into the abyss. It is CHEAP! It is POWERFUL! ... Oh, and its Free! (To you) so you can learn with 0 Risk!

Questions to be answered:
  • How do I get to Abyssal Deadspace?
  • Where can I get Filaments?
  • How many filaments do I need?
  • How do I use filaments?
  • Where should I use my filaments?
  • What happens if I'm not successful in the abyss?
  • Should I have ship insurance?
  • What precautions can I take to make my efforts "safer" ?
  • What information can help me grow my expertise in the abyss?
  • What is RPR-Abyss?
The final question is an important, and unclear one to many people. RPR-Abyss is Uriel Tkarmminni's in game channel #RPR-Abyss which has LOADS of information regarding the abyss. It includes:
  • Abyssal Fits
  • Fit Kill Priorities
  • Abyssal Weather conditions and bonus/penalties
  • Abyssal Rewards & Drop information
  • Abyssal NPC EHP/DPS/RESIST/DAMAGE profiles
  • Abyssal Structure Information
Finally, I'd like to also add that this will be the avenue we use to "pool" our fleets together. Similar to Warp2Me and other incursion teams - where players wait to be queued for the roaming fleet... we will be queueing our players into our fleets from the RPR-Abyss channel. This channel is permanent - and worth staying around even after this event if you find the Abyss interesting. We hope to utilize this method in future events; and keep ourselves organized by this means.

We expect you to KNOW NOTHING about the Abyss, and we look forward to helping you build good habits that teach you how to have a lot of fun, as a team or by yourself, and enough isk to be able to grow into Eve's many different content types.

We look forward to welcoming Unistas to RPR-Abyss !
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