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[EVENT] Movie Night: Basics of tackle! Friday 29 January

Posted: 2021.01.23 21:26
by Yto Itinen
After the really successful Tackle Tuesday series of classes and practicals and with the help of the Teaching Department,
we are really happy to announce the launch of a video miniseries: Basics of Tackle!

Light tackle is a role that can be covered with really little SP but it requires a decent skill set in terms of manual piloting and maneuvering.
We are going to start from simple overview setups to optimize information flow. We are going to discuss speed tanking, different navigation
commands and most of the basic propulsion jamming modules. We are also going to demonstrate how to evade damage from the most common
weapon systems in EVE.

We are also going to be there to answer any questions you might have and hope to make this the first stepping stone for your tackle career!

See you on Friday 29 January 20:00 EVE time

Fly fun!