[EVENT] 2020.10.30 18:00 Beautify the Wiki

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Arin Mara



Post 2020.10.25 12:11

[EVENT] 2020.10.30 18:00 Beautify the Wiki

Beautify the Wiki


... many think that EVE Uni is the same as the EVE Uni Wiki.
Hippla Tsero, Communications Officer

Take it as a point of pride. The Wiki is good, true and beautiful. It teaches and informs capsuleers with up-to-date detailed information fitted into purposeful templates.

With so many existing pages, so many patches, updates, tweaks, changes and expansions New Eden counts on the Wiki, now more then ever, to be their guiding light. Let us make the Wiki brighter then any Cynosural Field by making information that already exists pleasing to the mind.

COSMOS Missions can only be done once. If you decline, let it expire or fail the Mission, it's over: you will never be able to do it again. It is imperative that all COSMOS Agents be identified, their locations revealed, their rewards examined and their Missions described.

Thank you Kelon Darklight for venturing across New Eden and gathering information about so many COSMOS Missions. Now it is our turn to immortalize Kelon's work, to preserve it for generations to come.

Basic Information

When: 2020.10.30 18:00 and will last 2 hour with an optional 1 hour extension
Where: you can join from anywhere in New Eden
Who: anyone that signed up for the Event will be able to participate
Requirements: Gmail address for sign up and a valid EVE Online account for Wiki login

  • Wiki contributions count towards participation and mastery for both the Sophomore and Graduate titles
  • Croixant approved the Event will count towards the Cross Campus Initiative
  • Jilokari Kurvora and Rayanth approved the ISK to encourage new contributors and high quality contributions

Sign up procedure

To participate I need to authorize you to edit a Beautification Candidates Google Sheet. Send me your (throwaway) Gmail address by EVE mail, Discord or Forum. [1]

After you sign up you are free not to attend. You may cancel at any time for any reason without giving prior notice.

At the start of the Event

Join the Fleet "EVE Uni Wiki Fleet" advertised in the Fleet or the Alliance Chat Channel window. Say hello in the Fleet Chat Channel. :) I'll answer questions and provide clarification, if need be, during the whole Event.

Optionally, you may also join "EVEUni: Public classes, Q&Ąs", EVE Universities Public Mumble, "General Purpose - GP Eta". I'll answer questions and provide clarification there too. Observe Combat Comms protocols at all times. Wiki editing is intellectually intensive work and we must keep distractions to a minimum.

Before the Event

During the Event you will:
  • Transcribe an image of the Overview or Mission Agent window
  • Fit Mission details into a Wiki Template
  • Put Mission information in the correct order

Tools you may find useful:
Wiki Templates you might need:
  • MissionBriefing for Mission Briefing and lore
  • Missiondetails for noting the name, level, type, faction, reward and other Mission details
  • MessageBox for Mission debriefing, warp in message or text generated in Local Chat Channel
  • CMBSiteInfo for COSMOS Sites
  • NPCTableHead for transcribing Fleets and Structures [2]

Before and After of Agent image transcription.
  • That you can download the image, cut it into smaller pieces and show each one to the OCR tool
  • You may need to clean up any OCR grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • Replace specific Pilot names with '''<Character>'''
  • You can add a bit of flare and add an Agent image
  • Leave "?" if you know the Mission increases Faction Standing but you don't know by how much
  • How I wrote the Time Bonus, ordered the rewards and kept the m3 item volume

Before and After of Mission detail and Fleet image transcription.
  • Sometimes you won't be able to fill in the whole Template; don't worry about it, fill in as much as you can
  • You can add headers to separate the Missions
  • How I've separated the Kelon's notes from Mission details
  • That I replaced the original raw info and image with the Wiki Templates

Before and After of COSMOS Site and Fleet image transcription.

During the Event

You will:
  1. Go to EVE University Wiki
  2. Click the "EVE LOG IN with EVE Online" silver button in the upper right corner of the Wiki. Sign in, switch user and authorize. [3]
  3. Open up the Beautification Candidates Google Sheet [4]
  4. Find a page you'd like to edit
  5. Write your name under "Editor" to let everyone know it's taken and click the checkbox "Doing"
  6. Edit the page: replace the image or text, add a descriptive "Summary" and click "Submit changes"; feel free to split your work over multiple edits
  7. When you are done with editing a page, click the checkbox "Done" in the Beautification Candidates Google Sheet
  8. Congratulations! :) You've made the Wiki much more beautiful; see if you want to edit any other page

The Event may not be recorded.


[1] Instead of me assigning a page to you, I want to allow you to choose the page you want to edit. Registration also prevents vandalism. What would happen if a prankster could edit a public Google Sheet?

[2] Don't forget to add
to the bottom of the page if using NPCTableHead.

[3] The Wiki redirects you to the EVE Online login website, asks you to login, tells you what kind of authorization the Wiki wants and if you click authorize your browser will be given a short lived token that the Wiki uses to recognize who you are. At no point do you give your password to the Wiki or EVE University.

[4] I've attached an Effort Level to each Wiki page. An Effort Level 3 means a page will take about 15 minutes to edit, while an Effort Level 12 page will take about 60 minutes. You will be awarded a token amount of ISK, about 1M per Effort Level as a thank you for your contribution.


The Event's purpose is to:
  • Preserve the knowledge for generations to come
  • Beautify the Wiki, the face of EVE University
  • Teach capsuleers about contributing to the Wiki, Templates, conventions and style
  • Attract new Wiki contributors
  • Show how much effort goes into maintaining the Wiki
  • Make EVE University more well known in New Eden
  • Develop the team spirit

After the Event I'll write an After Action Report where I'll list attendees, prizes, results, Event observations and notes.

Send all feedback, questions and comments via EVE mail, Discord or Forum as I cannot view feedback submitted through the Event Feedback Form.

Be sure to check out the Halloween Scaryoke! which will be held right after the Event. :)
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Arin Mara



Post 2020.10.25 15:16

Re: [EVENT] 2020.10.30 18:00 Beautify the Wiki


  • 2020/10/25 14:30:
    • I have registered the first batch of capsuleers only two hours after the Event has been announced :) Be the next capsuleer who signs up :)
  • 2020/10/25 20:00:
    • Second batch of capsuleers has been registered only six hours after the Event has been announced :) I've added a Welcome sheet to make it clear "Beautification Candidates" refers to Wiki pages not to a list of plastic surgeon's patients :P
  • 2020/10/26 16:00:
    • Third batch registered, keep them coming. There are plenty of pages for everyone! :) I've clarified the notes attached to each Wiki page
  • 2020/10/26 16:30:
    • Due to popular demand I will reward and recognize all contributions made from today up until 24h after the Event has ended. If you cannot attend the Event but you still want to help out, just write your name into the "Editor" cell of the Sheet prior to editing and I'll count your contribution :)
  • 2020/10/26 17:00:
    • Forth batch registered. Three more days until the Event starts :) Don't miss out! Sign up today! :)
  • 2020/10/29 16:00:
    • Fifth batch registered. Only 24h remain until the Event officially starts! To induce you to sign up, I'll tell you at Event start which COSMOS Mission rewards you with a 1B ISK implant :P
  • 2020/10/31 06:00:
    • Sixth batch registered. The Event was awesome and you can still edit until 2020/10/31 21:00 EVE Time :) Added the CMBSiteInfo Template and examples for COSMOS Site transcription
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Arin Mara



Post 2020.10.30 11:55

Re: [EVENT] 2020.10.30 18:00 Beautify the Wiki

The day of Beautification is upon us! :)

You can still register for the Event and will be able to do so until the Event starts. :)

Be careful, the Event starts at 18:00 EVE Time and your clock might have shifted. :)

Arin Mara



Post 2020.10.30 21:34

Re: [EVENT] 2020.10.30 18:00 Beautify the Wiki

The Event has ended, but the need for beauty has not. :) I will honor all edits made by new and old editors up to 24 hours after the Event has ended until 2020/10/31 21:00 EVE Time. :)

I'll write a report about the Event within a few days. :)

Thank you to everyone who contributed, who will continue to contribute and who will start to contribute in the next 24 hours. :) The University, nay, New Eden itself is watching how our Wiki is becoming the go to repository of knowledge! :)

Arin Mara



Post 2020.11.03 06:32

Re: [EVENT] 2020.10.30 18:00 Beautify the Wiki

Due to sickness and pestilence I did not have the strength to write a report. However, not that I'm convalescing I've taken a snapshot of the Sheet and, if time and body allows it, will write and publish a report today. :)

Rest assured that writing a report is on top of my to-do list!

Iris Ayanami



Post 2020.11.03 10:15

Re: [EVENT] 2020.10.30 18:00 Beautify the Wiki

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Arin! Get your rest and try to feel better soon. I'll save my thoughts (don't worry, they're positive!) for the ARR!

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