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[EVENT] HSC Fight Club! 2020-10-17 01:00


The HSC Fight Club is Back!

Date: Saturday, October 17th, 01:00 EVE time (Friday, October 16th 6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT)
Location: Amygnon
Format: T1 Frigates and T1 Destroyers, 1v1 ending with kill-the-FC fight at the end
Duration: 1 hour+
Ships: A variety of ships are on contract! I also have few free ships if you do not have one.
Fleet: Look for 'HSC Fight Club'

There were some changes to the format and rules of the event:

0. For this event, instead of a regular free-for-all fight, we will have a kill-an-FC event. Frigates/destroyers versus an FC in T1 cruiser!
1. We would allow Damage Control II be fitted on all ships, as an exception to the T1-only rules. The rest of the modules must be T1 (meta0-meta4)
2. Destroyers are allowed into the event. Destroyers would fight either another destroyers, or 2 frigates. Destroyer losses would not be covered by SRP.
3. New set of Fight Club bookmarks, thanks to Yokuni Togashi, is located in HSC Shared bookmarks folder:

Please make sure that folder is connected and online.

If you are new to EVE or to Fight Club - PLEASE show up 15 minutes earlier for newbro speech and Q&A session.

Your frigate losses are covered by SRP!
Please leave your feedback using this form!

If you are new to Fight Club, read through this post: ... 7&t=115419
Make sure you have HSC shared bookmarks folder connected and online.
Make sure you can see friendly ships and drones on your overview.