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[FLEET] 2020-08-02 11:30 Low Sec PewPew - Small gang roam


Date: 2020-08-02
Form Up / Depature: 11:30 / 11:50
Fleet Name: Low Sec PewPew
Fleet Command: Torren Schneider
Location: Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center
Doctrine: Free Frigates - hop in and go out and have fun, as well as getting blown up
Destination: Low Sec
Ship replacement program: Not needed, we use the free Frigates in the hangar
Feedback: Please leave your feedback using this form

If you are new to EVE or to Fleets ->> Please show up to Form Up for newbro speech and Q&A session.

This is a newbro friendly fleet. We start at LOW SEC so the journey to Eugales can be more dangerous than flying through High Sec. Please check Travel to LSC before travelling to Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Center.

We use the free ships from the hangar and take a tour through the Factional Warfare area around our home base.

The goal of our trip is to gain experience in Small Gang Roams and let some ships explode. Be it the ships of others or our own. Everyone can choose any role and practice it. Be it Scouting, EWAR, DD, Support, or FCing.

Wel WILL loose some ships and we are always just a few jumps away from Eugales. We can quickly replace lost ships. It is therefore advantageous if you move your Medical Clone to Eugales and fly with a Clean Clone.

If you are interested in flying with the fleet but would like to come with another ship, you are welcome to contact me.

See you in Eugales. Let us gain experience together and have fun.

Fly dangerous