[FLEET] Sunday Morning Spider Fleet, July 19 12:00 - 14:00

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Arto Hagnar



Post 2020.07.18 17:52

[FLEET] Sunday Morning Spider Fleet, July 19 12:00 - 14:00

All pilots, new and old alike, seeking to share NPC Corp standing while running as many missions as we can in two hours. For this spider fleet, it's preferred that you run missions for NPC Corps that belong to the Amarr Empire (this is particularly useful for players at AMC), but if we aren't capped on pilots, we won't turn you away!

Due to the mechanics of reward sharing, the fleet will be capped at 10 pilots at any given time.

Fleet: Sunday Morning Spider Fleet
Time: Fleet advert will be up by 12:00, if not earlier. The fleet will end at approximately 14:00.
Date: 2020-07-19, Sunday
Fleet Length: Approximately 2 hours
Location: Missions can be run anywhere, as we'll be running them solo. For this fleet, my focus will be corps around HSC campus, but pilots anywhere can join us.
Mumble: Not required, but I'll be in Charlie comms if there are any questions.

Eve Uni pilots interested in one or more of the following:

Content: PvE content is content. Let's run them as fast as we can for NPC Corp gains, ISK, and LP. In Spider fleets, it recommended that you NOT loot or salvage the field. You can bookmark the content to salvage later, but the goal is to run missions as quick as possible. In general, we benefit and make more ISK from running more missions sooner rather than stopping to loot the field.

ISK: Mission rewards include ISK payouts, Loyalty Point (LP) payouts which can buy valuable items from NPC Corporation stores (which can then be used by the pilot or sold on the market for ISK), as well as faction standings (which results in better missions, with higher payouts of the aforementioned rewards).

Spider fleets consist of up to ten pilots in a fleet, each flying missions individually. Each mission reward of ISK, LP, and corporation standings are divided equally among the pilots. Faction standings are not shared, including standings increases from Storyline missions. Bounties are not shared unless the members are on the same grid at the time of the kill. Loot and salvage are also not shared. A Spider fleet is particularly useful for a group of pilots whose standings are too low to run Level 4 or Level 5 missions since they make the grinding process more fun and less painful. The rewards could potentially be better even though they are split, since you are collectively completing more missions in the same amount of time.

Once a member is in the fleet, they are expected to be doing missions. If they are not actively doing missions, but still knowingly claiming rewards from others this is considered theft, and is contrary to the EVE University Rules. Members should run their missions as normal, but when when they turn in their mission, they will be given a window that asks if they want to share rewards with fleet members or to claim them for themselves. Members should choose the top option which is to share the rewards.


Once you have completed a mission you should notify other members of the fleet that it has been completed by posting in the fleet chat:

($ $ $ $ $)(CORP) - Type

$ $ $ $ $ implies a dollar sign for each level of the mission
CORP implies the corp's ticker name you ran the mission for.
Type implies the type of mission (Security, Distribution, etc.)
For example, after completing a Level 2 distribution mission for Minmatar Mining Corporation (MMC) a member would say: $$ MMC - Distribution.

In short, anywhere.

The long: Try to focus your missions on a single agent in order to maximize standings gains, moving up through different level agents with the same corporation as they become available. Train up your Negotiation skills in order to receive higher reward payouts, Security Connections in order to receive higher LP payouts, and Social skills to for a bonus to standings increases. If you are sharing a mission in a spider fleet, keep in mind that the social skill bonuses of the pilot who accepts the mission will apply to the total payout, just as their standings with that particular agent trickle down to all the other pilots. You may access more agents with lower standings by training Connections for a bonus towards friendly agents, Diplomacy for a bonus towards unfriendly agents, and Criminal Connections for a bonus towards Pirate Faction agents. Connections, Diplomacy, and Criminal Connections bonuses are not cumulative, however. You may also train Mining Connections or Distribution Connections for those types of missions, and Fast Talk will help your CONCORD security standing if you decide to fall in with a Pirate Faction. https://eveinfo.com/ is an excellent resource for finding missions that meet your specific criteria, in addition to using the in-game Agent Finder or the applicable Map setting.

Arto Hagnar



Post 2020.07.19 14:14

Re: [FLEET] Sunday Morning Spider Fleet, July 19 12:00 - 14:00

Thanks to everybody that participated:

Angan Izia
Arto Hagnar
Ashique Yunus
Ithariel Saissore
Rayn Darqfyre
Riral Izia

We completed 53 total missions today:
6 Level 1 Distribution
6 Level 1 Security
28 Level 2 Distribution
13 Level 2 Security

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